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    In 2008 I began my public practice in tax and bookkeeping.

    Whilst I was able to generate sufficient income by myself to live, I never really gained the heights I aspired too. The platform was too expensive for one person.

    In the last two months , I have reset the practice specialising in ‘fintech’ or a blend of financial services and enhancing technology.

    My point is whom has heard of a mobile app for accountants called ‘ my firms app’? What would you use it for as an end consumer?

    My firm has purchased the app and formatted it with business advisory services and marketing services. Our feedback to date has been very positive because we have gone down the business advice path rather than just putting up software that is already being used only. Eg etax

    The app will be released in Australia in October 2015.

    Thoughts ?


    Peter – FS Administrator
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    Hi Steve,
    It’s not something I’ve heard of. While real-time information and mobile access is getting bigger and bigger, if I was going to use/download another app it would need to have a very specific benefit. I tend to meet or talk with my accountant on specific issues rather than needing real-time access, but would depend on the features I guess.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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