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    Hello everyone

    I was just planning to start off my import export business but before I do that I am always worried by a few things i will list them here.

    i. Since i am starting off this business should i be talking to all people posting buy leads that i am getting on the internet and then contact suppliers that i can find to give them the buy lead so that i can make a profit commission out of it?

    ii.should i be concentrating on a single product first then talk to suppliers to be their agent and then look for buy leads with the corresponding related products?

    I dont know if this is a very common question but i did do my research before posting this but had no luck.any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Tony Manto
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    Any business has to have supply and demand to be successful.

    If you have a range of products you can source and you then can find a market for these product you are on to a very successful formula.

    However on going success will depend on how efficient you are are marrying the two.

    Let’s break this down further.

    You have found a manufacturer that can supply you a product at a price that allows you to ship it over and distribute it to the end user for a profit.

    You need to consider:
    Constant quality
    Reliability of supply
    Method of shipping
    Time in shipping
    Local distribution
    Retun policy
    Then local supply to the customer

    This all takes time.

    If you want to pre – sell each item, you will need to calculate how long this will all take. Then you can alway market these products telling your customer there is a thee- four week wait. If they are happy with all this, then happy days.

    However if they are not, you will have to take the risk and import these items first and then sell them.

    If you are not sure what the market wants, then you can use the first option to do you marketing first then once you have found a successful product range that is in demand, you will probably have more success if you had the product on hand.

    I hope this has answered you question.

    I would like to see you web page or know how you are generating these ordered?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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