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    Hi I am a newbie here. Recently (a week ago actually) launched my online store http://www.lowcostdeals.com.au thru shopify. I have a strong customer base in eBay selling Remote control parts and related stuff for the past 2 years or so.. and decided to go solo as well (at least hoping to !).
    Any feedback/suggestion/criticism/anything else about the website is most welcome. Also I am not sure how technically sound or google friendly is my site at this point..
    Any help would be grateful

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    Hi Frank, and welcome to Flying Solo.

    Congratulations on being brave enough to request a site review on your first day here :)

    I’ve moved your post from it’s original location to the Community Reviews section, which is the more appropriate place for it.

    You’ll notice that we have some specific guidelines that apply to this section of the forum, so please take a few moments to read those at the top of the page and then add any additional info that you have omitted into the thread.

    We generally find that people are most inclined to offer their advice after they’ve gotten to know you a little, so I also encourage you to tell us a bit about yourself and your business, either here or in the New members section of the forum.

    Thanks in advance, and good luck for your review,

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    Hi Jayne
    Thanks a lot for the information and moving the post to the right section.
    As suggessted I would to share a few details about me & my business here.

    1. What needs reviewing? My website http://www.lowcostdeals.com.au

    2. What does your business do? I sell Remote control (RC) parts like batteries, motor, trasnmitters and also a few RC toys like planes, cars, etc. I have been selling at eBay for the last 2 years and felt the urge to develop a web store. I have been and intend to ship only within Australia

    3. Who is your target market? RC hobbyists especially RC Plane flyers and related areas

    4. What specific concerns do you have? My webstore design, navigation, design, colour schemes, Google friendly?, etc.

    At this stage I am not sure at what level of SEO my requires or is at.

    So ladies & gents please provide your valuable feedback

    Best regards
    Frank Phil

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    Hey Frank,

    I don’t think you can go too far wrong with a Shopify site, and your website has good ‘flow’ and works well. Functionally it looks good.

    I think you’ve done a great job uploading all the data and photos for your products, setting up related products as well as putting in some relevant articles.

    You might want to add a returns policy and shipping policy page to your site

    Design wise, I think it needs a bit of polishing to be honest. I’m not a designer but I think you may need to revisit your colour scheme and typography.

    Also the site name is confusing to me, “Low Cost Deals” doesn’t make me think of radio control model parts. If I look for you on Google, the search result doesn’t always immediately indicate what your site sells. Maybe it’s just me, I’m probably not the target market.
    (type “site:lowcostdeals.com.au” into Google to see what I mean)

    I’m sure the usual SEO and Design experts will visit this thread to give their opinions.

    Good luck (and don’t take any criticism to heart)


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    Hi John
    Thanks heaps for your detailed response. The site name is the same as my ebay store name and yes I agree that it has nothing to do with RC stuff! Do you whether this affects google search in anyway. The name has its origin from my eBay shop.
    Thanks so much for your reply and comments


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    Site looks great but get that eBay store link off there!!!!!!

    If someone’s on your website you’ve got them by the horns but if they click on that link they’re now in an environment where there’s thousands of sellers and millions of products and if they actually buy from you on eBay you’ll be paying 8-9-10% + PayPal vs paying about 2% through your Shopify store so you really are shooting yourself in the foot by having that link on there.

    I’d also suggest redoing your product photos and remove all of the extra gimicking layers you’ve got in them. On eBay it’s important to try to grab the buyers attention with pictures that show you’re Australian etc, but on your own dedicated website you can do so in your sidebars, header and footer and then clean up your images to make them pop and show off your products better.

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    Thanks “Hatching_it” for your suggestions. Never thought in that direction when I put the ebay link there. Also working on changing the product pics as well.

    Thanks heaps for your valuable feedback

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    Hi Frank,

    Welcome to the forums. I would bring the products nearer the top on your homepage, or maybe add a ‘featured’ products section. Seeing products immediately is valuable when people have a habit of ‘bouncing’ away from websites.

    I agree your product images look a little cluttered.

    I also thing the website could flow better. If I were working on the site, I’d have the homepage be a grid of say nine categories with example product images. Then people arrive and are immediately on their path to narrowing down to their product.

    I’m actually part of Shopify’s Expert program, so if you ever want to chat about making some improvements, my email is martin@embersketch.com and my Skype is martin.embersketch

    Good luck!

    Maria Grant
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    If I could give you one advice about your website it’s this – get rid of your slider! it takes up too much EXTREMELY valuable space in the middle.

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    Hi Martin
    Thanks for your valuable feedback. I will definitely take your suggestions and act upon them immediately.
    I will surely get in touch with you soon
    Thanks heaps

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    Thanks Maria for your feedback.


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    Hi frank,

    A couple of comments:-

    • Your website name and what you sell just don’t make sense, there is no logic between the 2.
    • If you are going to have a slider, can you make sure all the slides, frames or what ever they are called are all the same size, I am reading the text below the slider, and as each frame is a different size the text keeps moving, extremely annoying, enough for me to say good bye
    • Your business name doesn’t appear to be registered, and if it is it is not linked to your abn
    • I can only get in touch with you via and email or a Post office box, comes down to a trust issue.
    • Just out of interest what is your relation to hobbywarehouse, íf you are linked wouldn’t it be better to use that name, obviously more well known, but also a better name for what you are sellinh
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    Hi bb1
    First of all thanks for your detailed feedback. I have seen your posts in other threads and i have picked up a lot of points from them. Really appreciate the way you clearly express your views. Thanks

    The name is from my ebay shop name which i continued here, I’m in the process of reviewing it

    Just noticed the slider it’s indeed annoying changing it right now

    I’m yet to Register the business name. Did attempt it last week but got confused by the requirements.. will be trying again

    Yes need to get a phone no

    Once again thanks

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