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    H Guys, I just posted a new article on the LDN website I thought you might find some value in…

    Below are my “Top 6 Tips” for effective marketing. If you have any ideas you think I should add please let me know!! It’s great to try and collate all the best ideas in one place if possible so I’ll add any more great ideas to the post.

    Whilst LDN are letterbox advertising experts, these fundamentals really do apply to just about any marketing planning/activity. ENJOY!!!

    1. Refine your aim:

    Targeting is one of the most important elements of any marketing or advertising campaign. Knowing who your customer is and where to find them will dramatically improve your ability to cut down on ‘wastage’ and direct your communication towards only the people that matter most – your prospects.

    Consider their age, sex, location, income, family, likes & dislikes and anything else that might help you narrow your focus and refine your targeting aim.

    For example, targeting young single males that live within 5km’s of your business and live at home is a going to be a lot more effective than communication with a broad audience and hoping that some of them fit the profile of a prospective customer. These males are going to spend time at very specific places, use very specific technology, and enjoy very specific activities… Now you know exactly where your message needs to be!

    2. Timing Is Everything:

    LDN help our customers determine the most appropriate targeting. Most of the time it’s extremely effective to target the areas closest to your business. If however your business attracts customers from far away (or even online) then the customers distance to store becomes less important and you’re probably best to consider LDN’s demographic targeting.

    Admittedly, the Sunscreen example we’ve used is a bit extreme… But understanding when the best time is to advertise can effect just how successful your campaign is.

    Elements such as the weather, holidays, seasonal events and local attractions may impact when consumers are most likely to ‘be-in-the-market’ for your product or service. Whilst school holidays might be a great time to advertise take away pizza for example, the months that fall in the middle of the year might be more appropriate for a tax accountant. Some businesses are lucky enough to have relatively flat ‘demand’ across the year… Others might peak at one very specific time.

    Shirt-ties run out the door in the lead up to Fathers Day, gutter cleaning businesses go gang-buster when the rain starts to fall, toy shops do a roaring trade for Christmas, but Sunscreen doesn’t sell so well in summer!

    3. A Reason To Respond:

    In the Marketing Industry, we call this a ‘Call to action’. In the modern era, people are busy, short of discretionary spend and often lazy. Unless you give them a reason to pick up the phone or get off their bums NOW, they most likely won’t respond to your marketing.

    The bigger retailers often use “On sale this week only” or “While stocks last” as their call to action. You don’t necessarily need to offer a discount or use limited stock availability for a call to action though; LDN customers have been known to use anything from “Get in before the rush” to “Call today, benifit tomorrow” or “Buy today for your chance to…”.

    Put yourself in your customers shoes and pretend you have never heard of your business. What would cause you to react? Ask your friends, family, customers, the LDN team… You’d be surprised how willing people are to help with a fun little task like this!

    4. Give It Weight:

    Thicker paper is also slightly heavier and the recipients of your thicker flyer will perceive it to be more luxurious. If you offer a premium product or service a thin floppy flyer can jeopardise that value proposition. Make sure the quality of your paper reflects the quality of your business!

    Thicker papers are slightly more expensive but your customers will notice the difference. When you hold a 80gsm flyer in one hand and a 200gsm flyer in the other the thicker flyer will feel more substantial and will hold its shape better. Although it might seem like a small thing the paper you choose can dramatically impact what the flyer recipient assumes of your business.

    Some industries are looking for the most affordable option and for that we recommend 115-150gsm… However if you want recipients to assume your product or service is top-notch you should at least consider a heavier paper weight.

    5. Less Is More:

    If you asked a group of people to remember a series of 10 key benefits, very few would remember more than 3-4. Ask that same group of people to remember two or better-yet one key benifit and almost everyone will recall them word for word. It’s simple, the less you give the audience to absorb, the more likely it is that they’ll absorb it!

    Of course there is a time and a place for detail, but that place is not the front of your flyer! Focus on the benefit of your business, not the product or service. If you mow lawns tell the customer how relaxing their Sunday could be… If you offer pedicures tell the customer how sexy they’ll feel. Human’s are emotive beings and if you communicate one message that connects with their dreams and desires you’re on the way to success!

    6. Learn & Improve:

    And the most important tip of all… Your first campaign will rarely be the best. Like anything in business it’s important you ask, measure, listen and learn from all the marketing you do. You will also find the the more frequently you communicate with the same group of consumers, the more likely it is that they’ll respond. Put simply, the more you talk the more likely it is that they’ll hear you!

    Some of LDN’s customers have enourmous success right from the get-go and book multiple campaigns on-going. Some don’t have the same success first go and apply their learnings to a second and third campaign to achieve optimal results.

    Thanks guys – please add anything I’ve missed so we can collect all the best tips in one place :)

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