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    Wow Leanne, what a great rave for you from Heather :)

    She is such a guru herself that a recommendation from her is very fine praise indeed. Congratulations to you!


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    Heather – Thank you for the recommendation – I am humbled by your words

    I agree Jayne, Heather is a guru in her own right

    We are both passionate about supporting small business in Australia with their financial management, we spend many hours ensuring that our professional development is up to date and that we understand and can implement solutions that are correct and easily managed by our clients

    The Internet Bloke
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    As a user of both MYOB and Quickbooks, I’ve experienced the never ending hassles that these continual version changes cause.

    ** WARNING: WARNING: Cynical Rant ahead **

    If you’ve ever tried to juggle files from different versions of the software, you’ll know what I mean.

    In my opinion, there’s no reason for the extortionate costs of support and upgrading just to be able to use the latest tax tables.
    It should just be a matter of providing a new data file for the current year to update previous versions of the program.

    But no, you have to upgrade to the new version of the software, and if you’re silly enough to modify a data file from the previous version of the software, then it’s saved in a format that can’t be opened by someone with the previous version of the program.

    Even Microsoft, who we all love to hate provides backward compatibility with new versions of their products.

    In my opinion, these continual upgrades, and the lack of proper data conversion facilities are just extortionware that is designed to keep you on the teat forever once you invest in a particular brand of accounting package.

    [End Of Rant].

    OK, It’s safe here again :-)
    Eric G.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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