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    Hello all! My name is Monica and am embarking on my journey to create a contract bookkeeping business. I have 2 small clients at the moment, one using MYOB and the other using Cashflow Manager.

    I really just want to use MYOB and was wondering how many different companies can you have on the one MYOB program, if that makes sense.
    I have an old version of MYOB Accounting Plus V12, is this still ok to use, I guess with an upgrade purchase?? Or would I be best to purchase the whole new software program? One of my clients has a new version of MYOB, but this is installed on her laptop. (you will read a bit more about that further)

    Also for any contract bookkeepers out there that operate from their own office, how do you go about it…..I mean do you pick up all the paperwork and have anything that the client has input into MYOB backed up on a usb then restore on your computer, then once youve finished your work, does your customer then restore all of your work from the usb back onto their computer?

    I know, silly questions but atm I am just taking my 2 clients laptops home with me and working on it at my office. Btw, the 2 clients are friends, so they are very trusting with me taking their laptops.

    Thank heaps if you can answer any of these questions for me!! :)

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    Hi – I am not a bookkeeper but I can share that I have the latest MYOB Account Edge for Mac. My files open directly into the latest version of MYOB Account Right Plus for PCs so my accountant is fine with it.

    I use a private Dropbox to transfer my MYO file.

    Also, MYOB now has Live Accounts (cloud computing) and according to this below, you would be able to operate it for free if your clients were using it and paying the monthly fees. I understand that normally applies to accountants and registered bookkeepers for MYOB as well. I would suggest you give them a call and discuss first. http://www.myob.com.au

    Using LiveAccounts™ with your clients

    As an accountant, consultant or bookkeeper, you’ll be able to manage your LiveAccounts™ clients using the LiveAccounts™ Admin Centre. The Admin Centre lists all your LiveAccounts™ clients, lets you create a LiveAccounts™ ledger before handing it over to a client and more. Best of all, becoming a LiveAccounts Advisor and registering to use the LiveAccounts™ Admin Centre is easy and FREE.

    I’m assuming you have checked the new ATO requirements for bookkeepers as well. Best of luck with your new venture.

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    Hi Monica,

    I’m starting up a bookkeeping business at the moment. My decision around software was to join the MYOB partnership program as a bookkeeper. This gives you access to all the MYOB programs.

    I believe that with MYOB you can have as many files as you like, but they all need to be verified at some point, when a new file is created.

    Choosing to work on-site / off-site depends on the business needs. One of my clients has a hire business and their accounting package is industry specific, so I work on-site with them, which handles the paperwork traveling question in your post. I charge extra for working on-site as it has to be scheduled into their time frame and not mine. Basically, I want to work off-site so make it a little inconvenient by charging more.

    Could you clarify the specifics of the work for your current two clients? Are you doing just their bank rec’s and general debtor/creditor transactions?

    In my experience people hire bookkeepers because we know how to manage their day to day accounting. As such, it’s always a risk allowing the owner full access to the file. This is where working on-site can be a good thing if you are dealing with debtors.

    One example that I have with a client that may help you… I collect their bank statements / receipts and a list of their invoices for the month. They use an old file for invoicing, and I have their actual live file. I post the invoices and give them reports (P&L, A/P List A/R List and Balance Sheet).

    It’s a big topic to discuss but I really think it all depends on what the client needs, balanced with what we can actually do!

    Hope that helps, and good luck!

    :) Roxy

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    Suggested areas of support :-

    MYOB now has a forum area that anyone can access.

    Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

    Australian Bookkeeping Network

    a normal MYOB user can have 20 data files – need to contact MYOB at each 5.

    A MYOB partner can have 40 – it used to be over 100 – but they reduced it.

    Most bookkeepers tell me they have around 10 – 20 clients.

    I have close to 500 clients, but I offer high level support and training, not continuous bookkeeping – frequently a bookkeeper uses me as their back-up or support.

    Hope that answers a few questions.

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