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    Hello friends,
    i have a confusion about linkage between MYOB and ATO.
    In ATO website you have to get a AUSkey then you will be able to have access to
    1- BAS Agent Portal
    2- Business Portal
    3- ECI
    Now my question is….. once i get my AUskey will i have access to all of the three or i will get an option to use one of the above….( i did call ATO and the customer service was not helpful)

    I am trying to buy MYOB package for my accounting business, MYOB people suggested me Account right plus which i can do BAS, Bookkeeping, Individual tax return, payroll and prepare invoices…..but they advised me that i can not connect it to ATO to do the online lodgment, i have to print the data from MYOB and fill the typical orange form and send it to ATO….this is not done here…. i am sure the customer service officer must have been new to MYOB….

    Does any one use MYOB and have linked it to one of ATO’s package? i really need to know this before i BUY MYOB package….
    thank you in advance….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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