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    Need 5 Volunteers for My Portrait Project

    Hello Soloists,

    I am a Sydney-based photographer, focused on people, lifestyle and event photography. I am looking to photograph 5 local entrepreneurs to volunteer for an independent project that I am doing for myself. There are no external sponsors for this project.

    What’s In It for YOU?
    — You get a portrait for your personal or commercial use. You may use this for promotion or branding purposes of your business, or even your social media profile.
    — You will be featured on my website and/or Facebook page (see links at the end).
    — There’s minimal effort on your part — you don’t necessarily have to travel! I shoot on location, and can come to your office with my professional photography equipment. Bonus points if you work from an interesting space!

    What’s In It for Me?
    — Images from the photo sessions would be showcased in my portfolio online or in print.
    — I have tremendous respect for entrepreneurs, and have been planning to do a series on them since long. It is pure joy to see people work on something that they truly love.
    — You can view my portfolio on my website RishiGraphy.com and on Facebook.com/RishiGraphy.

    Do You Meet the Criteria?
    — You must be a business owner within 20 Kms of the Sydney CBD.
    — Your business must not merely be a hobby, but something that you earn a serious living from.
    — You must be absolutely passionate about your business.
    — You must have a genuine need for a new portrait for promoting yourself or your business.
    — If you work from a unique space (doesn’t have to be a big formal office), it’ll add interest to your portfolio.

    If you think that you fit the above profile, please email me on [email protected] introducing yourself with the following details.
    — Who you are and what your business is about.
    — A link to your website.
    — Any photos that you are currently using for your profile.

    Rishi Ghai

    Sydney Photographer | People, Lifestyle & Event Photography + More


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