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    I have been an online reseller of Hoverboards a.k.a Self Balancing Scooter for last 1 year. As you can imagine, these products have got bad name due to recent fire incident in Australia.
    In order to grow my business, I have decided to import the products directly from China and have identified reliable suppliers as well that will stand behind their product.

    I need help from a consultant to get the required approvals from ERAC/EVS to get product safety certificate and RCM approval to ensure I am allowed & approved to sell in AUS & NZ. Please guide me to a right person.
    Truthfully, I spoke to 2-3 of them out there and everybody gave misleading info. about the process and cost. These consultants even stopped responding, when I asked very basic questions about the process. I don’t mind paying appropriately for their service and therefore, least I expect is answers to my very simple questions.
    Alas, if I could find a right person to work with – I can give so much business to a right consultant but till now, they all have killed the goose for a pile of golden eggs.

    Please help! Anybody??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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