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    Hi All,
    I am here to get some advice on the textile importers and retailers in Australia.
    I come from a family of textile producers and we have a family business in India, transporting all the materials all over India and i would like to expand in Australia as well.
    I need you suggestions on where to start the work from and my searches regarding the same.

    Thank you all for your time.

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    Hi Vicky, We are in the same boat. I want some guidance for the same. My brother looks after the textile business in India and want to start importing here in Australia

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    One idea would be to get on Instagram and Pinterest and search for Australian designers and makers that use international materials.

    Start a conversation with them around their needs (not your needs).

    See if you can fit in with them.


    Dash Freight
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    You have picked a good time to start importing from India. Australia is negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with India at the moment. This means you will not have to pay import duty on products made in India. When you are budgeting, I can provide some estimates on freight, insurance, duty, tax, entry fees, etc. It’s called a landed Cost estimate

    Rob Dash E: rob@dashfreight.com.au M: 61 423 136 053 Quotes: https://tinyurl.com/yae7tbj6 S: live:rd2221
    Engeleena Padyachi
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    Hi Vicky

    I am a fashion designer based in Melbourne. I am interested in fabrics for bespoke dresses/gowns for special occasions. Do you have more details on the fabrics you produce.

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    Hi Engeleena,

    I can also provide you the fabric for your gowns. Can you please share what specific fabric you are looking after?


    Nick Jahet
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    Nick Jahet
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