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    I have recently become part of a local BNI group. The chapter is new, so it is a perfect time to become a part of it. BNI is a heavy commitment but it works if you work.

    My question is “What Networking Do You Do”?

    Are you the occasional networker or the committed networker?

    Looking forward to your replies.

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    Hi MissSassy

    Pretty committed. I joined BNI about July last year, its good to meet new people and getting to know other members. But I find it can be tough if you having a busy week (or have a late one the night before!), it’s Wednesday morning one at 7am for us.

    Once you have done your MSP training you’ll be able to do your 10 min presentation. I find you build rapport quicker from that point.

    I try jazz up the 60 secs presentation and prep it the night before, but it gets tough if you are talking about a dry subject like superannuation :). A lot of our members wing-it, and i’m really surprised they have some great stories to share.

    But a part from that you can visit (up to two times) other chapters; so if you are a “unique” or visiting a chapter without your particular discipline you can build some relationships outside of your own group. Use the BNI website, you can use the search engine to find chapters/or members with particular disciplines.

    Here in WA have Local Chambers – similar to BNI, but less formal – but a lot more meet up opportunities. They have at least two networking meet-ups a week, I have attended some, and there are a lot of small / medium business in attendance.

    We also have Small Business Development Corporation. They have real focus on migration and expats that set up new businesses. Last event I think 90% of the attendance raised their hands as being form born overseas.

    I tend to get most of my business from Accountants and Auditors, but after meeting a few Financial Planners they seem to reckon there should be massive queue of planners opting for my services, so very encouraging. We just need to get out there more!

    I hope this had been insightful.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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