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    Hello all,
    After introducing myself in the introductions thread it was suggested I request a website review here.

    Some basic information:
    I am an artist from Sydney. In March this year I decided to quit my job and pursue my lifelong intention to make a living from my art. I began building my website in June and launched the webshop on Monday this week.

    With everything finally in place, it seems like the perfect time to get a little feedback!

    1. What needs reviewing? (i.e. logo, website, idea etc…)
    The overall site, but particularly the web shop. I have a three tiered sales structure at the moment to provide variety of services/price. I came up with that strategy myself, not sure if it’s ideal. Also curious about pricing generally and am open to feedback.

    2. What does your business do?
    My site serves as a place to show my original art work (galleries), draw traffic & offer value (blog) and sell work (shop).

    3. Who is your target market?
    My target market is young to middle-aged art collectors and traditional art ‘outsiders’.

    4. What specific concerns do you have?
    I’d just like to get a general impression of anything that could be improved, what might increase traffic and what might help make the site more ‘sticky’.

    The address is http://www.marcatili.com

    Thank you in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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