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    Hello everyone,

    I’d like to introduce myself and if its ok I would like to ask a question that would assist in something I am trying to set up.

    My name is Leonard and I run a small Cafe/Takeaway business in a small county town in NSW. We are about to hit the one year mark and are very proud of what we have done in our first year and hoping that our year ahead sees some steady growth.

    We are in a good position at the moment however we are mainly trying to increase the amount of customers we have. I would like to consider providing delivery to our town. Using Facebook I have put the idea out there and have received a few replies so far of people showing their interest which is great. I would like to ask for some advice in insuring that this is done efficiently and that it ends up being worth it. In the end we can always remove it but if we choose to go ahead with it I’d like to think that we won’t have to.

    Our employees are paid under the Fast Food Industry Award 2010 and I noticed a section in allowances that says that delivery drivers receive an allowance of 0.41c/km does this just mean that if one of our employees is doing the deliveries that for every km traveled 0.41c is added onto there pay?

    Any advice regarding this would be much appreciated. We would most likely trial this one day a week for a few hours.



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    Welcome and good on you for passing your anniversary – every milestone is a fantastic achievement.

    I don’t know if you will get an answer here because you need legal advice.

    Anyway, props to you.

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    Hi Leonard,

    You’ll need to talk to your accountant about all this I think, but my understanding is that the 0.41c per kilometre is paid to the owner of the car – so it may depend on whether the employee is driving their own or you are supplying the vehicle, and the size of the vehicle may also be a contributing factor.

    You may also need to factor in additional insurance etc.

    Best of luck with it, and thanks for joining Flying Solo :)


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    Hi leonard,

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary,
    Im not 100% on the legal / accountant side of this but i used to deliver pizzas for a small restaurant. Whilst i was doing this i used to get a normal hourly rate + $2 per delivery which seemed fair considering delivery was usually 5 – 7 $ extra
    In between deliveries i would usually help out with cleaning. dishes etc

    With this arrangement i supplied my own vehicle and fuel. i would imagine if you are supplying the vehicle it would be a flat hourly rate and you would pay for the fuel etc.

    I think the commission type arrangement of $2 per delivery was a good idea as it encouraged drivers to get as many deliveries as possible and not take there time eg ( stopping at the shops or home) etc

    I found another good thing about being a delivery drivers is you always get tips because alot of people dont like change.

    Hope this helps good luck with it all :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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