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    New to the forums here, it was recommended to me by a friend!

    We’re moving our business from a home set up to an office, and I’ve been tasked with the fun job of researching possible options for the phone system. Still researching in the forums here, but I was hoping to get some advice from someone with a bit more experience.

    Currently we’re using a Zintel service that routes calls from a 1300 number to our mobiles, with some features such as follow me and IVR, but we’re having some major issues with call quality. Not sure where in the chain the quality is dropping.

    Some features we need:

    * Good call quality
    * Ability to manage more than one 1300 number for multiple businesses (and know which business we’re answering the phone for)
    * Minimum of four phones in the office
    * Ability to set the order phones ring (if possible my desk > my mobile > all desks)
    * Call recording

    Some features we’d love:

    * Ability to integrate with our CRM (Zoho) potentially bring up client information on computer if the number calling is attached to a contact or account.
    * Ability to transfer calls to other extensions (if we could do this to/from mobiles and desk phones, would be a major plus)

    Also, I will be taking most of the sales calls, and will be sharing an office, so if anyone has any advice on noise cancelling mic headsets would be great too. Main issue at the moment, is when I’m on the phone and someones talking next to me customers often get confused.

    Looking forward to exploring and utilising the forums here more and becoming part of the community! Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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    3CX.com is a good windows VOIP PBX, easy to setup.
    The cheapest commercial version will do just fine for you, it allows for skype integration so you could use skype as your VOIP if you want to.

    Get a good VOIP provider, I like telecube but that is just me.

    Get a good modem/router for your ADSL/Phone I use billion 7800 which has ATA functions (to converted analogue landline into VOIP speak :-)).


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    G’day Jaycob,

    Welcome to Flying Solo.

    I hope Henk’s comments give you some initial info to think about. We have quite a few other people around here with experience in this as well, so I’m sure you’ll receive some more comments soon.

    In the meantime, thanks for joining the forum, and please pass on our thanks to your buddy for recommending us … that makes our day :D


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    We use exetel’s virtual pabx system ourselves in combination with siemens gigaset dx800a desktop phones and gigaset a580 cordless handsets.
    The call quality is fantastic, it may be helped a bit by the fact we use exetel for our internet as well, so they priortise the voice data packets i believe.
    Connected to the dx800a’s is our plantronics voyager bluetooth headsets with excellent noise cancelling.
    My next door neighbour to our office punches metal sheets with a machine, its quite noisy but the noise cancelling headsets mean that our customers don’t hear anything.
    The vpabx includes ivr, call hunt, queues and ring groups.
    Our setup is that we run two businesses, each one has its own did’s (phone numbers). For each did the call goes into its own queue. Each queue is set up so that my phone rings first for 60 secs, the customer is listening to on hold music during this time. After 60 secs they here the first i’m sorry were really busy ion the phone but will get to you as soon as we can. The call then goes into the next queue but this time every extension in the office rings. If will continue to loop between the were sorry were busy message and every phone ringing, until someone picks up the phone. I’m on my own in the office, the other workers are working from home. Each queue has a prefix so when a call comes in on either line we know which business they are calling.
    When i go out i dial a speed dial number and the calls come thru on my mobile like any other call.
    The really cool feature is if the customer rings and it comes thru on my mobile but they want to talk to one of my colleagues i can transfer the call to the colleague.

    re Dan’s comments, don’t bother with an ata we tried several and could never get good sound quality. As soon as we moved to the siemens ip phones the call quality is fantastic.

    We have only run 3 phones at once talking together in the one office, I know their is a limit to how many calls you can make on a adsl line simultaneously, i’m not sure what the limit is but by the sound of it you will have 4 phones but they may not all be on the phone at the same time.


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    call quality on an IP PBX, whether it’s hosted or onsite, is usually down to the underlying connection.

    If you’re using ADSL, I wouldn’t expect more than 1-2 calls at any time without it going glitchy.

    Aaron.Miller is exactly right in regards to Exetel’s PABX. If you use their Virtual PBX, and combine it with a business grade service (usually 2/4M) they’ll prioritise the traffic and provide service agreements.
    They’ll still do their best with other provider’s data lines, but it’s kind of out of their control once it leaves their network.

    I’m an exetel reseller and would be happy to discuss further with you if neccessary

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    Disclosure: I single-handedly founded and started MondoTalk 10 years ago.

    Now with that out the way I can say that the MondoTalk Cloud PBX is your best option.

    MondoTalk can meet all the requirements you listed, even the ZOHO integration.

    For the noisy issue you have, if you are using a corded headset, then all the signal processing is done by the phone. I pretty much always use a headset all the time and can set it so that only average volume office sounds within a meter of me will be heard.

    Anything better than that you will need a cordless headset that does some additional noise processing. From my experience the best by far are plantronics.

    With our solution you should be able to easily use all 4 phones at the same time while still having excellent audio quality.

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    I use fonality also

    I have a large number of extensions in head office but do have a fibre connection as am in a 3 yr old building in Brisbane CBD

    I have multiple remote phones for people who work from home. You would never know that they are only on an adsl connection.

    They charge me $40 or $50 a month an extension (its $90 for reception extension with super duper phone) that includes unlimited local and STD calls in Australia and an hour per month per extension of mobile calls (pooled so times extensions by an hour and thats how many hours you have). My excess calls were still over $500 last month but on a per extension basis that works out to be 2/3’s of bugger all

    We are employing an extra lawyer a month at the moment (rapid growth phase) so ad an extra handset or 2 a month and have no issues.

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