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    Hi Guys,

    I have recently launched http://www.boutiquelane.com.au and online comparison site where you can Shop for Fashion, Jewellery, Dresses, Clothes and Footwear from over 25 of Australia’s biggest fashion shops.

    I would love some feedback


    Jason Ramage
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    Hi Richard

    Welcome and congrats.

    Just headed over to your site to have a squiz, appears to have a broke plugin it database issue? Might want to have a quick look yourself, am on mobile in case makes any dif. Tried to insert image but too hard on mobile :(

    Look forward to seeing you around

    Jason Ramage | Lucas Arthur Pty Ltd | E: hello@lucasarthur.net.au   P: 61 3 8324 0344    M: 61 412 244 888
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    Working now – sorry still tinkering

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    Okay, I visited on PC. Looks organised on a very quick glance. Something to consider: I’d say the menu is a bit confusing because when I hover over the main menu, the submenu pops out. That’s fine. But user behaviour is to now expect to be able to select the submenu. However, when trying to do this, it folds back into the main menu. The submenu should stay out and be clickable.

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    Hi Richard,

    As I land onto the page, it is not clear what your website is all about.

    Perhaps you should have the following text at the top of the landing page
    “Boutique Lane is an Online Fashion comparison website offering 66975 Products. We search the web daily looking for the best deals from 26 Merchants and1086 Brands

    Design is good though. This isn’t personally the kind of items I would bother compare prices for. I usually do this for higher priced items such as electronics. This is just me though, I don’t really buy cloths online.

    Good luck with your business.

    Byron Trzeciak
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    Few points.

    – When I tried to reach the drop down menus they kept disappearing. I got them once but the rest of the time it disappeared before I could click.

    – The about menu has scroller attached the drop down menu?

    – Big part of online stores is optimising your categories, URLs like this aren’t going to perform very well for you from an SEO perspective in my opinion


    See if you can clean them up boutiquelane.com.au/mens/jeans/ etc

    I find the whole home page overwhelming. Sliders have been show to actually kill conversions and it’s interesting to note that a massive online store like the iconic is not using them any more.


    Categories are so important to online stores. In the case of the Iconic you can see they’re automatically going to the male/female option.

    Once you get to the inner page they’re breaking it up again into more categories


    When people look for mens jeans or g star raw mens jeans you want to make sure you site is optimised for both branded terms and category based terms.

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    Hi Richard,

    Congratulation on your new website.

    I went through the website and have gathered few feedbacks for it.

    As soon as I landed up on the homepage I was sort of lost because I couldn’t feel it is a comparison website. It doesn’t really say what the website is at about and after going through the menu’s it looks like its online store.

    It took me some time to understand the website main theme “comparison”. But normal internet user couldn’t wait for long and go through it. So, it would be great if you can deliver the clear message at top of the landing page which will be visible and clear.

    Instead of showing up the “sort by:” link under the menu bar, it might be better to put it either to left or right side of the screen and making the store list in the remaining container of the window. Also, might be better to use more interactive way to use the sorting option like using slider, check box for selecting the price range or the brand or the category.

    Anyway good luck with your business.

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    Why? this site reminds me of the directory craze from a few years back, everyone thought it would be fantastic to sign up local businesses to their ‘online directory’ – the result was Google wound up de-indexing a good portion of them as they created too much low quality information, reducing trust. Your site depends on a demand for price comparison-it will be interesting to see the uptake of your services over time.

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