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    Since I have no work now I have been improving my skills in other areas – learning Auslan, and learning how to build websites.
    I have had some Shopify sites which have been succesfull but I decided I need to learn how to make sites properly, like learn how to use WordPress and learn a little code etc. I found building with WP a lot harder than people on articles say it is, until I got the hang of it (I had to remove everything and start from scratch 5 times)

    Anyway, this is my first attempt, please have a look and tell me what you hate about it.

    There are still a couple of small bugs but I am trying to work them out. I hope that in time it will get noticed and become a popular site. Well, that is the dream.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Hi Rowan,

    I am just going to be straight out honest.

    Overall, I do not like the theme. From the dark hero image to the small font that cramps the image on the inside pages (a CSS adjustment may fix that) to the Theme Logo at the bottom (if you have paid for the Theme, you should be able to remove the Logo).

    The “Know More” button doesn’t lead anywhere (ATM)

    It would be beneficial to remove “Dashboard” from the Homepage menu unless you have a use for it that you have not built yet.

    The contact form shows a Google Map of New York – you may want to remove or fix that. And no phone number.

    There is no How It Works or Pricing Page either and both need to be on a site like this.

    On the inside pages, I couldn’t find the prices of goods either – that needs to be addressed. The page layout is probably not good overall. If you look at Kogan, you will see an immediate difference – big, clear product image on the left with slideshow underneath, Rating, Price, Clear Add To Cart on the right.

    You would probably need at least seller ratings if not buyer ratings too.

    I feel you need to also have clear advice about logistics which I can’t find eg, minimum order, payment terms, shipping costs and ETA etc.

    The next thing to tackle is to roll out categories at once or one at a time. I prefer the latter or some hybrid of the 2 so that you can niche, target and communicate on the same level as the group.

    I think, and have said it here a million times that two way marketplaces are the hardest of all online businesses because you have to be able to reach two groups and sub-sets thereof simultaneously and it is very hard to do that with just one, niched group.

    Just my 2c of course.



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    Oops, I will have to be clear to those looking. It is only an introductions directory, not a sales site. Just wholesale and distributors giving details of their business so retail buyers can get in touch with them. No sales on the site – a bit like Alibaba, people get in touch with the wholesale business to discuss products and prices, just B2B.

    Yes, I will have to fix a couple of those things. Thanks for the feedback, it is valuable.

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    I quite like the template/theme, seems like a pretty solid first go to me.

    The only thing I really didn’t like was the small font size on the listings.

    The map, if you don’t delete it is easy to fix with new latitude and longitude parameters.

    It also occurred to me that ‘dashboard’ should be paired with ‘my account’ and only show to a logged in user…everything else should default to a sign up page imo.

    Good luck with it.

    Dave – FS Concierge
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    Hi Rowan,

    What could really differentiate this from just another product directory, is to showcase the people and the businesses, rather than just the products. There are many benefits to shopping local/Aussie and it would help to sell your vendors as local individuals/families/craftspeople with quality goods.

    In short, make it personal.

    Eventually I’d like to see all the stock photos replaced with photos of the vendors, workshops, and so on.

    All of this will give the site a very different feel, in a way that you can’t with “design”.


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    I like the template.

    My bug bear, but this relates to 70% of websites, and I know you are in development phase and you will fix it before you go live. No ABN or I have no options to talk to a real human bean (lol).

    Your font/style on the Privacy policy and Terms and conditions page are wildly different.

    As I am selling stuff online, I would be interested in seeing what pops up, because it could be a good place to aggregate a heap of suppliers if you got a big uptake, be great for retail outlets like me to find them.

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    Thanks Bert, I did forget that, I do have my ABN on my other site and will put it up here now. I am playing with fonts and do need to decide on a site wide on.

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    From a quick glance:

    Too many different fonts and letter coloring on the home page. There’s no branding consistency.

    The logo looks a bit amateurish.

    Formatting is a bit whack on internal pages.

    Is the theme specifically meant for this type of business?

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    Thanks Wally. I have only been learning how to make websites the last week so things are still a bit amateurish, but I still appreciate your input. Still learning and finding out what works. I am having heaps of trouble with the formatting but I will eventually work it out.

    Didn’t use a theme which is probably why it looks all over the place. :)

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