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    Hi ,

    I have been reading many blogs on small business very carefully and should say its good R&D work on flying-solo .As per my understanding now days Innovation is less important then trend.Any how I m not here to write about my point of view or debit on it .
    I am writing to have some good advice on my new web service which is almost ready for release , before release I am looking forward to have some experts opinion on how to pitch my product .

    My product is about recruitment site which will be the recruitment site. why is that ? following is small pitch about my site .
    I will be glad if I can have your feedback on this .

    Recruiters get free resumes and Job Seekers get Cash back
    A popular service (http://www.abc.om) is promising most unique service for recruiters as well as job seekers .Now on recruiters will be able to get free resume database, along with resume building tools which will enable job seekers to builder their resumes with more options and submit directly to recruiters site.

    Job seekers that are fed up to upload resumes and search jobs on multiple sites get benefit of creating custom resume URL along with revenue sharing program and search jobs on aggregated job search “
    It will be win win situation for both

    I am planning to give you all complete track income and expense about my site on this forum .Hope this short pitch can give you some idea ,awaiting for your response


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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