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    As a small business owner
    I would love people to be able to go to one site and get a good idea of how people feel I treat my customers, the environment, my countries economy, and workers.

    As a customer I would love a site where I could go to check how a business I am going to deal with treats customers, the environment, my countries economy, and workers. Also I would like to be able to reward a business that I think is great by recommending them. And I would also like to let people know if I think a business is bad in any of the 4 categories. After all banks and finance companies already have sites where they can get a rating on customers.

    This site is designed to allow people to give a star rating to businesses for FREE based on their opinion. They will also be able to put a short comment on why they rated the business that way.

    The rating will be from 1 star = very bad to 5 stars = excellent
    The categories will be:-
    – How it treats customers
    – How it treats the environment
    – How it treats the local country economy
    – How it treats local workers and jobs

    Just like banks and finance companies check our rating before they give us their money. We should be able to check their rating before we give them our money.
    What do you think. Is this more positive?

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    Hi Night Tax,

    Personally, I think you are on a much better path now. The only tricky thing is, now that you are entering the more common model of these types of sites, you need to find your point of differences that will ensure the users come to you, stay with you and engage and create content for you.

    Have you checked out your competition yet? WOMO is probably the the most notable ratings based website that comes to mind when thinking about your idea. Food for thought.

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    Thanks very much Nathan. I will check WOMO out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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