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    Hi there, have been meaning to join this community for a while so I’m happy to be here!

    My wife and I run a business selling yoga and meditation props made by artisinal Indian communities using traditional techniquies along with some local services of massage, yoga and sound workshops and had a india tour group planned until covid-19 struck. We love the spirit of India, the people and the incredible energy the country has, and we go there every 1-2 years for business and pleasure.

    We have an online shop (wordpress/woocommerce), 1000 FB/2500 IG followers and combined with the physical services we offer, as a single income is excellent but unsustainable as we’ve reached our limit and are looking at ways to scale. I work 4 days for a company, one day a week (+ weekends) on this business and my wife is bascially 7 days a week! I’ve got tech and photography skills and developing audio/visual skills and would love to go full time with the business.

    Looking for support and ideas to scale, helping to solve issues like storage (we have a 40ft container’s worth of product in our house/shed) and bringing on paid help and getting into digital products.

    Inspired by podcasts like How I Built This, The Side Hustle Show and Side Hustle School I’m looking to listen, learn and contribute to this community.

    Hope to both be on the giving and recieving end of inspiration and illumination!

    Dave – FS Concierge
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    Welcome aboard [USER=117924]@flyingsideways[/USER]!

    A lot of our members have wrestled with the issue of going full-time, so hopefully you’ll get some support. Great to see you’ve fired away some questions already!

    Great to have you here. :)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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