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    Hi all,

    I have recently relocated my residence and business from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula and while I am still close enough to Melbourne to service my existing clients, there are many businesses in my new local area which would make ideal clients for my business (IT Consulting and General IT Services).

    I’d really appreciate some suggestions on how best to reach out to these potential new businesses to let them know that I am now based in the local area and to make them aware of the business.

    So far I have considered a mass mail out flyer to all local businesses, cold calling or even doorknocking personally to introduce myself.

    Any other suggestions for getting the word out?

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    Direct mailing, across most industries, runs at about 0.5 to max 2%. Still good ROI when it works. It can fall flat on its face and it depends as well where it goes. You need to reach the decision-makers of secretaries will bin it, thinking they’re doing their bosses a favour and savouring their gate-keeping power.

    Email is a no-no, as you’ll know, unless you already have a relationship.

    Cold calling. Hmm. So many people don’t get on with that. You’d need qualified appointments, I think. If you’ve got good stamina, handle rejection well, and willing to play a numbers game, maybe. But unlike house to house, B2B is time consuming logistically.

    Ask your current people if they happen to know anyone in the new locality (because, whilst many won’t, it’s actually a chance to get in touch anyway and remind them – without obvious marketing – that you’re still there for them.

    Do you have any computer shops locally? Perhaps form alliances with them and repairers and try to compliment each other’s services, with things each other don’t offer?

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    Thanks for the suggestions. All are good and I will certainly be following up on them. I have also just joined a local business networking group for my new area, so will see how that goes as well.

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    Cool. Thanks Ian. Let us know what works. It’s great learning what works in different industries.

    Tony Pfitzner
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    Apart from getting involved in your local community, I would do two things:
    1) Assure you are on Google Maps – set up a Google My Business page
    2) Set up a highly targetted Adwords campaign with Adgroups using Google geotargetting and also others with specific place names and enforce close matching of search terms with your keywords. I could write an essay on how to do this correctly – if not done correctly it may be expensive.
    3) Facebook business page

    Question: Why does the link in your signature go to Cakemarketing?

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    If you’re going to go with cold calling, make sure the call has a really good offer. People don’t dislike cold calls if the offer is clear and they can see the benefits. Making a sale with a cold call is really hard and I’d avoid it.

    Try to get an appointment or get their email address through the call. You can do a follow-up email campaign, but make sure you’re heard before asking for email. Some people can give you info@ and as Paul mentioned, it won’t get read…

    I’d check if there are some local events, and would do a targeted campaign as Tony mentioned.

    I’d think a bit about the Facebook page, unless you’re planning to do marketing on it.

    Google+ business gets you on google maps, so it’s a yes

    Dan Lawson
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    I think the first thing to think about is; where do your current clients and your prospective clients spend their time? I’d imagine in the IT consulting space you’d look at a channel like twitter & linkedin over facebook.

    Perhaps you could use your knowledge of the area to list all the businesses you’re interested in and try to find them on the more proven B2B channels. Creating relationships with these businesses through ongoing conversation and relationship building will take a long time but will surely result in much better outcomes.

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