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    Leisa D
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    Hi all, could you check out http://www.alexandradesign.com.au – I’m in that “can’t see the forest for the trees” place now, and would love to hear comments from people who have NOT been looking at it for hours at a time, over several years.

    1. What needs reviewing? home page/new text content – does it make sense to humans? is it SEO friendly? also the site in general if you feel like looking around, feel free to be brutal

    2. What does your business do? graphic design for print, supplying printed items australia-wide with a focus on quality

    3. Who is your target market? SMEs with ongoing printing needs (very broad I know, my target market is the butcher, the baker, his wife’s boss, her third cousin, the plumber down the road, his uncle, your doctor, everyone you know on FS and countless others)

    4. What specific concerns do you have? my eyes go blurry and my brain shuts down when I attempt to analyse the site myself


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    Hi Leisa,

    I have only browsed quickly:

    1. I think there is too much text on the front page – maybe spice it up with some of your fantastic sample images found further inside the site. Maybe also have larger subheadings for the main categories of products/services you provide.

    2. The home page text is too much focused on what you do rather then solving problems for the customer.

    Hope that helps.

    P.S. I still like the basic design – but maybe highlight some key areas more on the front page.

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    Hi there,

    You have no USP that is obvious…even though you listed them in your post above… you seem to target everyone in Australia, big, small, brown, pink :)

    IMO your home page really needs to do that … (particularly if your visitors come from the web)… otherwise people will just gloss over and go, oh well, yeah another of the gazillion print and design places on the planet…im off to vistaprint…they’re cheaper…

    i.e. if a customer cannot distinguish easily who/what is better they will automatically buy on price…..what kind petrol did you last put in your car?

    So google USP…its oddly a very difficult thing to hammer down good and proper…well at least I have found it to be…

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    I think your website has a very solid foundation and is a very good start, however there are some things that I notice a lot of small businesses do on their websites that makes them feel less than polished and that give out that “unfinished but I can’t figure out why” vibe.

    The first that jumps out at me is your typography. You really, really need to read up on using type on the web because it’s incredibly important. Intelligent type layout is generally the difference between an okay design and an amazing one.

    Take your content area, for example. There’s a lot of white space for how much text there is. Line length is inconsistent and this can be a subconscious thing that turns people off reading your copy. Have a read over this article; it explains the importance of typography and will hopefully give you some inspiration:


    Consider using a different typeface for your headings. Typekit.com is an excellent service that is a godsend for typography-minded web designers. I use it on all my projects.

    The biggest problem I see with your current site is that there’s no landing page. Visitors don’t stay on a page for very long, so you need to tell them you’re good at what you do quickly and effectively.

    The content you have on the front page at the moment is good. It’s well written and professional. However I would look into making a prominent statement about what you do, as well as a “Call To Action”

    I don’t want to sound smug, but I’m pretty happy with my websites front page and I want to use it as an example for what I mean:


    Far from perfect, but the big sentence at the top says who we are and what we do. The tone of the writing shows what kind of company we are and there is an emphasised call to action (View Our Work).

    You have two actions on your front page, buried all the way down the bottom of the copy text (Order Printing Online and Request Custom Quote). This is what I assume you want people to do on your website. Make ’em bigger. Make them more prominent. Sell yourself within the first 10 seconds of looking at your page.

    To me it feels like you got the basic layout for the website done and then pasted different info in for each page. Take a step back and have an objective look at each page. Each page doesn’t have to have the same layout for text. Keep the structure of each page similar, but arrange your content in the most effective way on a page-by-page basis. Think of one sentence you want the user to take away from each page and then work from there.

    There’s lots of other nitpicky issues, such as weird padding and margins on some elements (the nav bar is taller than the nav items for me, Chrome on OS X) but those are the types of things you’ll really only start to pick up with more practice and attention to detail.

    Hope that all wasn’t too negative!

    Your site has potential to be very impressive. The basic “shell” is great, it’s just the layout of the content that’s off, not the content itself.

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