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    OMNi NSW is a website Older Mens Network inc
    OMNI promoted the health and well being of the Older Men in the community
    ranging in age from 55 onwards.
    I have been associated with OMNi for five or six years and it has helped me through some very tough times which you don’t expect when your younger.
    Why am I telling you about OMNi.
    Firstly I believe it is an necessary organisation bringing together the Older men in the community whereby they can discuss openly the worries and concerns which aging bring with it.
    We have two venues at present one in Epping and the other in Hornsby NSW.
    It a place where we can let go of our feeling and discuss important topics which are important to our health and wellbeing, and its done in a way where friendships are formed.
    As most of you know me you know that I have a habit of opening my mouth at the wrong time and saying things that end up giving me a challenge.
    That is why I am posting here on Flying Solo.
    We need your help.
    Yes we need to raise money to pay the rent of our venues and the insurances which are necessary, so I suggested that we invite sponsors to have their Logos put on our website for a small fee of say $ 100.00 a year.
    I cannot guarantee that you will get any business from your sponsorship but who knows what may happen.
    Most of us Older Men have networks. Some of us have wives, and building a third group it starts to become interesting.
    I would love to hear what you think and would you be interested in becoming a sponsor, knowing that your sponsorship will be helping to build a not for profit organisation helping the Olders Men of the community

    Do you think I will ever lean to keep my mouth shut.

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    Burgo, post: 233267, member: 58 wrote:
    Do you think I will ever lean to keep my mouth shut.

    Burgo, No idea about the answer to this question, and really does it matter if you don’t.

    But on a serious note this sounds like an excellent idea, and can also see this as a worthy thing for us ”older” (should I admit to that), solo’ists, who often don’t have a support group or close working relationship with anyone in the work place due to our solo’ism. And I realise it’s not just for people flying solo, but I can see this as an obvious area.

    I hope you get some assistance, just wondering if there are any government grants available for this type of thing

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Good luck Burgo!

    Given you have 2 x location based venues at the moment, I wonder if you could reach out to businesses in the hyper-local areas of Epping and Hornsby?

    Trent Tran
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    [USER=58]@Burgo[/USER] , how much is your site traffic? And what problems do your members have?
    The reason I asked is you could “filter” the suitable sponsorship. For example, natural sleeping product or magnifying glasses, relaxation products.

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    Now theres some good ideas.
    The site itself is very basic and was done that way on purpose.
    What we developed the site for was to let people know what OMNi was about and we have attracted new members through the site
    Providing some of us stay fit enough we would like to open groups in every suburb eventually, because we have seen how the members of each group responds and interacts.
    http://www.omninsw.org.au is the website address.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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