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    My name is Tom Vickers,
    Iam 33 years old and for tha last 2 years I have been studying online marketing and searching for a way to take my family from just paying bills to financial freedom.
    I`m excited to say I think I have finally had my life changing moment!
    I was lucky enough to stumble across a video by a 7 figure video market expert who was promoting a service that really got me buzzing.
    I reached out to him and he agreed to take me on as part of his team and now I have this fantastic opportunity to promote an online service I believe in 100%
    And be guided and mentored by multiple 6 and 7 figure income earners.
    My dreams are finally starting to come true. It`s been very hard work and lots of late nights trying to learn the online marketing world and implement strategies that get results but it is finally paying of and with a lot of help from my mentors i am finally seeing results.

    My advice to aspiring network marketers, affiliate marketers etc is to never give up.
    Find something you believe in to promote.
    Find mentors who are where you WANT to be, and that will help you and guide you no matter how many emails you send them at 3am asking newbie questions.
    And when you find these put n the work, every single day!

    I wish everyone all the success in the world no matter what your endeavor is.

    King regards,
    Tom Vickers.

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    Hi Tom, and welcome,

    I hope you enjoy being part of the Flying Solo community.

    As a new member of the forum, please take a few moments to read through our guidelines so that you start to get an idea of how things work around here.

    I also recommend that you set up a forum signature so that anyone who’s interested in learning more about what you do has an easy way to access the info. To do that, visit the Control panel (the link is in the grey bar above the forum), and choose Edit signature.

    Nice to meet you,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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