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    Hi all,

    Just want to say what a great website FLYINGSOLO is, and how people are friendly and kind and generous about giving good solid advice.

    Im planning to open an online accessory rental business somewhat like the US version, renttherunway, but emphasising on the accessories department. I have the stock already but wanted to ask

    1. Which would be better? Doing a website via shopify, wix or big commerce.
    2. Where do I find the right insurer to insure the items as they consist of big ticketed name such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Sass & Bide, etc.
    3. Ive been reading about Roxy Jacenko and her PR company and was wondering if anyone had experience with her company and was it worth it? It would probably cost $10K to use her service but she is well known in the fashion industry.
    4. Anyone who has experience in the online fashion rental industry or who can recommend anyone who can mentor me?

    Any advice, big or small, is greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards,

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    Hi Joh, and welcome,

    You’ve got three separate streams of questions there, so if you don’t get many responses here, consider splitting them out and asking them individually in the Selling online, Money matters and Marketing sections of the forum.

    The one caveat though is that you should be aware that our forum guidelines don’t permit the posting of negative reviews, so any responses you receive regarding the PR person will be biased towards the positive.

    Hope that helps,

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    Hi Joh,
    Many of my clients use Shopify as a sound e-commerce platform for their fashion business in the start up and early stages.
    Depending on the functionality you require for the rental?? You would need to look into this. If none of the existing platforms can accommodate then you may need a custom build, which is a bigger outlay at the start.
    In regard to insurance, I would just start talking to a broker near you. This is a tricky model so insurance may be on the high side as the risk of loss or damage is high.
    Your marketing will be key and there are a LOT of self managed marketing strategies you can implement. I do not see you investing in PR until you have some quality brand assets which means getting your business and brand off the ground first. Many other areas to invest your funds in as PR is a longer term strategy and lots of PR you can do yourself. Brand development is key in fashion so this would be my number one focus including value to customer, identity and target your customer and really build your story about what you have to offer. Look forward to seeing this business develop. If you need anything further please yell out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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