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    Hi All,

    I’m Michael from Huntleys Cove in Sydney,
    I am currently in the Building industry working as a site supervisor. A few years ago I completed a Nutrition course, now at the ripe age of 39 yrs I am going to put my Nutrition into action and have a career change to something I actually enjoy!! I have already written a book (published 6 weeks ago) on Diet, health & Nutrition titled “Eat Sugar and Lose Fat” which is selling on Amazon. I am currently in the process of putting together mail friendly packaging with graphics for my soon to be tea empire!! Lol… hopefully one day. :)
    It has been a long long process meeting with herbalists and university researchers to put together what I believe to be the best Weight Loss tea supplement on the market. My tea does not use herbs which contain laxatives as 99% of the slimming tea industry uses to help you lose weight.
    I use a professionally formulated percentage of each ingredient which when mixed and infused in hot water, releases the maximum amount of fat busting antioxidants, which cannot be achieved by just putting all the ingredients in one cup, because some ingredients can stop other ingredients from being able to release all of their nutrients and as I said, fat fighting goodies.

    Well that’s enough of the intro I hope, now to my question;

    Being an on-line business, is it better to start off as a sole trader then once the business starts to make money change to a P/L?
    My initial outlay is somewhere around the 30k mark, and that does not include the time spent doing the research (about 8 months part & full time), which I hope to somehow recoup.
    Do trademarks for products work better with a P/L or Sole trader?
    Down the track, I hope to put my products on the cafe shelves, after getting them through the TGA (Therapeutics goods association).

    Thanks for your time everyone who responds!! :)
    If you are keen to try some fat blasting tea over winter, my website is:


    Have a great day and happy Tea Tox Time!!


    Michael Paic

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    Hi Michael

    Congratulations on joining Flying Solo and for starting your business.

    I recommend that you discuss the sole trader / company questions with an accountant as then your entire circumstances can be taken into account. http://www.irinahollander.com.au I highly recommend.

    The legalities of trademarks etc need to be taken up with someone like Mark My Words Trademarks.

    Also on the legal site you will need some terms & conditions plus other policies etc for your site. http://www.legalvision.com.au is great for this.

    Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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    Hi Michael,

    Sorry I missed your thread initially, but wanted to welcome you to the forums.

    So welcome! Best of luck and just a tip – you might be better off starting new threads to post individual questions. :)


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