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    Hi guys ,

    My online store based on wordpress theme (bazar shop) is finally taking its shape , just few bits & nuts to fix.

    At this stage , I am after ;

    1. Plugins that can optimise website page load – I have already downloaded WP Smush but its not been able to smush the images a lot. And my page being an online store has plenty of images , i also have an image based website background.

    2. Backup and Test Site – I am also interested to know how to backup my site so that i can use it in case things go crazy , I am also interested in using that backup to setup a testing environment to play around without causing any damage to a running site.

    3. Plugins for online store – Also , Any other must have plugins for online store would be nice to know.

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    I’m of the opinion that the less code you use in general the better.

    Better speed, lower complexity, less things to go wrong, smaller attack surface.

    To improve speed I do the following, and nothing more;

    Cache plugin – W3 total cache – enable as much as you sensibly can – all my customers sites get this set up when we deliver a website.

    Cloud flare – get an account and set it up, and connect it to W3 total cache. Sit back and reap the huge performance and security benefits.

    I backup using cron job and script. If you want something easier pay for Manage WP or something similar. That will also allow you to clone your site for test purposes.

    Plugins – the least you can possibly get away with. My only ‘must have” plugins are W3 total cache and Yoast SEO. Everything else only when needs drive it.

    Lucid Web Design
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    I agree with ShadowPro. Less is more when it comes to code. Go for as few plugins as you can.

    Definitely go with Cloudflare. Visitors will get a cached version served from their nearest data centre. Cloudflare have a data centre in Sydney. It is free for the basic plan. If you want to add secure https, you’d need to go for one of their paid plans.

    Bazar Shop is a theme. It won’t give you ecommerce. It wil give you a skin to make you ecommerce look good.

    As for choice of ecommerce plugins, there would be enough to drive Alvin Toffler insane. In my experience, you can probably narrow it down to 3:

    • Woo Commerce
    • WP e commerce
    • Shopp

    Woo commerce is the most popular option.

    If you access to a control panel like Cpanel, you can back up your site from it and download a copy for safe keeping.


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    Ultimate Google Analytics (set up the GA account & get the UA # first).
    Broken link checker
    Akismet – it comes with WordPress but you need an API – just follow the steps (set up a WordPress.com account) the add the #.

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    I’ve found BackWPup to be a great site backup plugin. There is a free and paid version, however the free versions is quite comprehensive in what it offers.

    You can set it to automatically backup every day/week/month/year, and it has the capability to back up to any external hosting you may have (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, FTP etc.) It’s also super easy to restore a backed up site.

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    As known not a WP fan.

    But we have a WP site as legacy.

    Nothing big but the plugins we use are:
    Hide My WP, you change how WP is configured because all is standard out of the box all installations are 90% the same so easy to “hack” so to speak.
    WordFence security
    Yoast, already mentioned.

    backup backup backup, it is all important, we backup every 6hrs (no kidding).
    For a smallish site this is a good solution called SmartBackup. It backups the site but ALSO the DB, and using WP you will have such a thing. Often forgotten.

    Keep in mind, if you have a backup solution as a WP plugin… you might have to install WP first before you can restore…. so you always need a copy of your production WP saved somewhere to prevent uncontrolled upgrades.

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    Optimising a WordPress website requires 3 parts to work well together:

    1) the actual markup of the site itself and its resource usage (if its heavy..);
    2) the mix of WordPress plugins and the theme used;
    3) the hosting framework used.

    We provide a hosting framework tuned to make WordPress based websites fly. The servers are set up to be very agressive in caching and throughput, this combined with a well optimised WordPress install can do wonders for performance.

    Drop me a line if interested.


    Byron Trzeciak
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    Hi There,

    Great job on your website so far and all the best for the future with it.

    W3 total cache to optimise and improve your page speed. With that you might also want to try a CDN such as amazon, cloudflare or MaxCDN. Cloudflare might the place to start as it’s free for you.

    I’ve seen many online stores where the owners don’t reduce the image size before uploading and instead upload the raw camera files. This is a bad idea so try to get a program that can reduce the files quickly for you before uploading and upload them at the size they need to be. Keep it consistent.

    If you want to take your website seriously then get yourself some dedicated hosting. It’s not to say that shared hosting can provide decent speeds it’s just that it typically flucuates signicantly and can be the difference between a sale or not. Google also takes speed into consideration when ranking your site.

    Install Yoast, get your sitemap configured in google webmasters. Configure google analytics also and the Google Analytics WP Dashboard or something similar to give you a quick overview.

    In terms of backups I manage many websites so I take the hassle out of it with CodeGuard. I find those guys awesome and the backups are store in the cloud. Personally I find that more secure as I’ve seen sites hacked and all their backups get hacked too if they’re on the same server or if they key/password exists within the plugin.

    I don’t know what your delivery is like, or if you’re using woocommerce, but you might want to take a look at some of the woo themes such as the shipping table rates which might save a few grey hairs when dealing with your shipping.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

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