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    G’day, I am Stephen Mitchell, the Mow&Wash guy of Kangaroo Island.

    I joined flyingsolo way back in 2010 (after purchasing THE book) because I wanted mind-stimulation to get out of the day-job I had at the time. But because life wasn’t giving me opportunities at that time, I stuck with the day-job.

    Fast forward to late 2016 when we moved our small family to Kangaroo Island. Whilst looking for work, I noticed windows in the main street very dirty – and instantly the third small business in my life was born.

    The first place I offered my amateur window washing skills was about to open the following day. A tradesmen working behind the counter stood up and said HE WAS THE ISLAND WINDOW WASHER. I stood my ground and offered to help him. I won the job because he was busy. We became friends, we now regularly work together or give each other clients, and he continues to teach me when I ask for support.

    It’s now late 2019, and my work diary is full – which means at least 4 hours of work per day (which is more than enough). I am now considered a professional window-washer. It constitutes about 75% of my time and income.

    Being a window-washer has earned me a lot of good friends on Kangaroo Island, established a lot of regular residential and commercial clients, plus I now enjoy life a lot more and a lot better. Most importantly I get quality time to be with my young boys as they grow up.

    PS. I also am a radio presenter on 5KIxFM90.7 and I help my wife run her small business – LSBeez Kangaroo Island Honey.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Welcome back Stephen.

    Your story is one that many can learn from. If we adapt to change, we can thrive.

    It is good to have you back.


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    Thank you Paul. It’s different here since 2010. But there are amazing new marketing, money, productivity articles that I can learn from to move forward more productively.

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    Additional Information:

    I use my Youtube Channel to post short motivational clips amongst the many videos of our new life on Kangaroo Island.

    Here is a short video I produced early last week to inspire a young friend to return to the workforce.

    That same day I provided her contact details with permission to one of my bigger clients, soon after she made the phone call, and two days later she had a part-time job!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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