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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Sara, I’m writing on behalf of my partner who is an illustrator from Sydney. He’s been grinding for the past 4 years trying to make a change into a full time career as an artist, however it’s still a big work in progress. I believe he is encountering issues due to how saturated the artist market is and his fairly niche style of work, with that said, he has had some recent successes in breaking into mural work which we hope will continue.

    1. Instagram followers not increasing (https://www.instagram.com/heavymentalartist)
    We’ve been stuck at the 1200 mark for years and despite consistent posting efforts there’s been little change. I’m not sure where we are going wrong as we try to utilise our hashtags, as well as sharing video and images in equal portions. Instagram is a fantastic platform for artists, but it’s so easy to get lost amongst everyone else.

    2. Websales are poor (https://www.heavymentalart.com.au)
    We attend as many popculture conventions as financially viable. They are successful enough that we can restock, prepare for the next one, but not enough to quit his day job. All purchases made include our business card so people can find us online again, however even our most loyal customers wait until the next convention before purchasing again. How do we generate more web sales when our items are not every day necessities?

    3. Expanding into Fashion
    We also intend on expanding his original artwork into a clothing range, which I’d love to push as wholesale into select brick n mortar, alternative fashion stores. I’m unsure on what a standard amount of beginning stock would be or how to plan our approach with this.

    Any advice regarding these issues or referrals to someone who could help would be much appreciated. The starving artist lifestyle is not one I’d like to experience haha

    Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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    Hi @hma / Sara,

    My apologies your post got caught up in our moderation queue until today!

    Some good Qs, here are some ideas…

    1. Collaborations with other artists or brands who have a following. There are probably some compatible partners in certain interests/niches like tattoos, graffiti, comics, etc (just guessing, but you will know which ones based on your past customers and active followers).

    2. Collect an email address from every customer “to send their digital copy”. Then you can keep in touch all year round.

    3. To start, focus on getting into one store. Then use that success as proof-of-concept to get into others.

    Love the artwork, and best of luck!

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    Hi Sara,

    Wow, he’s got a lot of talent.

    In terms of your second question regarding the website, I have a couple of suggestions that hopefully can help.

    1. Have a clear goal for the website. As a user the current site is a bit confusing as I don’t know what it wants me to do. Some practical solutions could be to add a call to action on the front page, if you want more people to buy from the online store then focus the CTA on the store.

    2. Change the image links on the front page to the online store not to Instagram. When you click those images you’re directing people away from the site and moving them further away from purchasing the art. Now they’d have to close the Instagram tab go back to the site, find the shop, find that item in the shop, etc which is too much work from a user’s perspective.

    Without knowing more details about the business it’s hard to give any more advice but the focus of the website should be to set out a clear path for the user to get them to go where you want them to go. If your goal is to sell art then direct users to the store, if the goal is to find more work then focus on social validation and the portfolio/videos. Once you have a clear focus for the site then you can start writing copy, designing, etc specifically for that goal.

    Just my 2 cents, hopefully you found it helpful.

    If you need any help/want to discuss the site, drop me a message at hello@terencedenning.com.

    All the best,

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    2. Investing your web page with SEO, keeping contact with customers via email, frequently sending them emails about promotions, discount coupons or new products.

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    I have been in your shoes. It’s so hard to know what to do so I can’t stress the importance of having a Mentor enough! My Mentor [Mod Edit To Remove Overly Promotional Content] saved me from making so many stupid mistakes, I don’t know how my company would’ve survived without one.

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