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    If you are importing or exporting you will often come across the term ISPM15

    ISPM 15 is international standard for regulating the movement of timber packaging through international trade and aims to prevent the global spread of timber pests.

    It means any pallets or crates, which are made with raw timber, must be heat treated according to the standards, and they must be stamped to identify them as ISPM15 timber

    Why Should I care?

    For importers, if the Australian Border Force (Quarantine) determine your packaging does not comply, your goods will be ordered into appropriate treatment , maybe heat treatment, or fumigation with a substance such as Methyl Bromide
    It may damage your goods
    It will cost you a lot of money for the treatment services, transport and inspection fees involved
    It will delay your delivery, usually by a week or more

    What Other Options Are There?

    You can use pallets which do not need heat treatment
    Plastic pallets
    pallets made wholly of processed wood material such as plywood, particle board, or veneer that has been created using glue, heat or pressure.

    What Do I Do With This Information?

    When placing your order, you may want to confirm with your supplier that you expect any packaging to be compliant with ISPM15.
    The goods will not be accepted by the carriers if they do not comply, and this means extra costs and delays for you.

    Why are you telling me this?

    Sadly it’s a common event to find a supplier is using the wrong materials. Sad because ISPM15 has been around for decades. It’s not new.
    Importers can, and do, face this problem when importing.

    From now on, it won’t be you.

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