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    On my website is a section called “Partnering & Collaboration”, because I discovered in a previous incarnation a long time ago that one of the best ways to get new people through your doors was to get other businesses to send them to you.

    I’ve only been “Flying Solo” since last June, have not expended any energy worth noting on marketing, and have spent most of that time setting up and working on projects that have materialised more or less out of nowhere. To be honest, the projects have kept me from setting the foundation I know I have to in order to ensure future work, which has resulted in the “Partnering & Collaboration” section of my website being rather bereft of either Partners or Collaborators. So now I would like to start getting out there a little bit, and start establishing some solid connections with other SMEs and Soloists for mutual benefit, as well as some other marketing related activities.

    Therefore, I would like to put a call out to anyone involved in not just the

    1. Computer & IT Services and/or Product Sales and Repair industries,

    but also the

    2. Accounting,
    3. Bookkeeping,
    4. Financial Services/Planning and
    5. Business Consulting professions, and maybe even to anyone already in
    6. B2B Sales (of any description) looking for another service to sell as well.

    The idea is that my company would offer your customers an additional service to those you’re currently offering in return for a profit sharing arrangement between us. The way I envisage this to work is that your range of services would increase to include something like “Affordable Customised Software Solutions” or “Advanced Spreadsheeting and Database Tools and Models” (for example) as part of your existing range of delectables, and any referrals I receive from you would earn you money when converted. Ofcourse, as a super-duper extra bonus, you’d also get a listing in the “Partnering & Collaboration” section of my website, in lights, which will give you goosebumps and warm & fuzzies every time you look at it.

    How could you possibly refuse such an incredible offer?

    Call, mail, text, carrier pigeon me. I’ll be waiting!

    In excited anticipation, I remain yours faithfully and in perpetuity,

    Shail :)

    (no, smiley is not my second name)

    Programmer. Analyst. Nerd. Calcul8ors.com.au Custom Software & Collaboration
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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