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    Hi all! I have an online store that I built through godaddy. I was thinking of moving to shopify as I’m finding godaddy isn’t very flexible with my options (such as adding pop up banners for free shipping or flash sales).

    BUT, I’m wondering if it’s worth getting it professionally built as I’m not entirely happy with my SEO. The way the online store is built, there isn’t much in the way of adding a heap of key words. It’s more “descriptions”. I’ve had another website built for a different business (not an online store) and from what I understand the keywords were “embedded” into the pages??? (sorry, I clearly don’t build websites for a living!)

    I would provide all content such as images and descriptions. At the moment I have 42 products and 12 gift tags so total of 54. I also need to be able to manage the website and content on my own as I am always adding products. I’ve been quoted 5k and just cannot justify that at this stage. SEO is my priority at this point. Any recommendations as to what I can do or who to see? I’m located in Melbourne. Current website is http://www.voguebomboniere.com.au.

    Looking forward to your replies :)

    John Romaine
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    I’ve worked in this space twice now with two clients.

    There’s simply no way you’re going to build a quality site, AND tie that in with SEO for $5,000.

    Infact $5,000 for an online store AND SEO is cheap.

    Whatever you do, definitely shift away from Godaddy. They’re notoriously bad.

    I would recommend migrating to your own domain/hosting and using WordPress with Woocommerce.

    You will have total ownership and control over your own site and be able to manage your inventory without being dependent upon anyone.

    Byron Trzeciak
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    I’d definitely second John’s point about moving to WordPress. If you’re running this online store full time, or want to be, then the best choice is moving to WordPress for full control over your SEO.

    Loading your store with heaps of products and then choosing to move might be a very time intensive task for you or somebody else.

    For online stores, especially as you grow, SEO is something you need to continously review and improve. You need to understand the way people find your products and ensure your website is structured, with relevant content, to appear on as many searches as possible.

    I’m not sure what GoDaddy uses for their online store, it’s proprietary I believe. If that’s the case then things that you learn about SEO might not be applicable or possible in the GoDaddy system where as it would have been if you used wordpress.

    I’d have to know more about your budget to provide you with options but with the right help you could probably get wordpress installed with a theme that you like and then you could upload your products again. After that just get some mentoring or SEO training so you can begin to learn.

    Keeping in mind that it’s a competitive market and it might take much longer for sales to role in. What John is offering will likely get you results much faster.

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    VCVB, post: 223329, member: 64354 wrote:
    I was thinking of moving to shopify

    Shopify is a good option, assuming you’re happy with the fees.
    Pick a decent theme and you can’t go to far wrong, they also have some good articles on how to go about SEO

    This forum is quite WordPress/Woocommerce heavy so most will favour it. It’s a good solution, but there are other solutions to.

    I’d agree that GoDaddy have a bad name

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    Hello VCVB,

    At a quick glance your website looks functional.
    Unless is got bugs and issues that is decreasing conversion rates, then I would put all your money into marketing to try and make more sales.

    Stuart B
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    If you’ve got Google Analytics or something similar you should be able to tell if you’re not getting enough sales because people don’t like your site for some reason, or if you’re just not getting enough traffic.

    Figure out where the problem is occurring and then spend money to fix that problem. If you spend it all on marketing but the actual problem is that people are turned off your website for some reason then all the marketing in the world won’t help you.

    Take the time to work out where the problem is occurring and focus your attention on that.

    John Romaine
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    Stuart B, post: 223686, member: 10757 wrote:
    If you’ve got Google Analytics or something similar you should be able to tell if you’re not getting enough sales because people don’t like your site for some reason, or if you’re just not getting enough traffic

    Exactly right.

    I see a lot of site owners saying “We aren’t making enough sales, we need more traffic” – when indeed their conversion rates are 0.05%.

    It’s absolutely imperative that you get your site performing before you start investing towards traffic/promotion.

    Otherwise, it’s money down the drain.

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    Web traffic us a small part of the picture when you look at sales and ROI on advertising. Website usage will only tell you how people use your website or if there are problems with you website, which yes should be fixed.

    Whats the average spend of your clients?
    Is it possible that they are spending enough to want to call you first to get the trust factor happening before they spend all that money?
    Are you sending them offline invoices?

    Maybe your website is sending you sales but you are not able to connect this with web traffic because its coming in the form of phone calls.

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    Hi there,

    After quick review of your website I see it quite functional and has everything required for a good SEO (user friendly titles, custom meta descriptions, XML sitemap). So if there are no other issues you’re facing with your current platform, I think it’s better to keep it, since moving your site could be not cheap.
    I’m not sure how customization it’s for SEO, so I think you should consult with a SEO expert first, who will tell you what SEO features he needs.

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    Hi, you should probably start with your website and make sure that it is converting prospects into customers before you move on to spending money on marketing. I would suggest doing some A/B testing via Google Analytics to fine tune your conversion.

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