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    Wow the CRM threads are taking over the forum! Well on a slightly related topic I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with phone call tracking services and possibly integrating them into existing applications like Google Analytics or custom applications. I no companies like reachlocal.com.au offer services where they put a phone number on your site and you can track the calls that come in from different campaigns etc. Which is basically what I want so I will call them when I get a chance but I’m not sure how much they are and I’m not sure whether they integrate with other applications (i.e. specific applications like Google Analytics or whether they have an API we can tap into for our reporting system).

    I had a chat to jetinteractive.com.au and that is a possibility – they have a system that does it but they don’t have an API at present. They can upload calls to an FTP server if clients request it but it sounds a bit clunky to me.

    I’ve also looked at ifbyphone.com who look like the right sort of thing but I don’t think they operate in Australia – although I’m waiting to hear from them with an answer on that.

    I’ve only just started looking at it but I figure some of the guys on here would know more.

    Thanks in advance if you can shed any light on it.

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    I’m interested in reading what comes out of this. I’m looking for the same thing.

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    Hey Dan,

    Short of developing something yourself with your own combinaton of 1300 numbers, I am not sure there is a system that does everything you want it to.

    However.. watch this space.

    Google have recently launched Call Metrics.. basically Adwords and Google Voice are integrated and allow full tracking of your campaigns via either click or now voice call.

    Check it out here – http://googlemobileads.blogspot.com/2010/11/measure-phone-calls-you-get-from.html

    It is only available in the US at the moment, but I am sure it will hit our shores soon enough.

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    Hi mate (sorry don’t know your name), that is interesting thanks for that. I’ll keep an eye on it. I can see a few issues with it though.

    Firstly it’s only for adwords so it doesn’t really do what Jet Interactive promises which is to have a different phone number show up on the site depending on how the user got to the site so that when people call, their lead source is tracked regardless of how they came to the site (not just if they came via adwords).

    The other issue is one that would apply to any technology like this is what happens after the initial contact. Clients will most likely continue to call using the number they have taken note of possibly you could reduce this by making sure you notify them of a better number but this is a bit awkward and won’t cover everyone (I know this as someone who has changed their number a lot) so this would impact on the accuracy of the results.

    One final thought, if Google are encouraging people to click direct from an adwords ad and not click through for more detail what is this going to do to their revenue model of pay per click? Will they start charging for the calls – after all the advertising is being effective if it’s generating calls and if they do start charging for the calls what do they do to mitigate the situation above?

    No doubt someone at Google who is a lot smarter than me has already thought all of this through.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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