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    HI there – I’m in the process of setting up a new business and have spent hours reading about the advantages / disadvantages of 1300 numbers / Skype etc and I am still bamboozled.

    Here are my circumstances:

    2 partners in different locations / no premises so need one number that can be answered by two different phones
    The two parters will be on the road not always with a broadband connection
    The target market are seniors so could potentially be put off calling a 1300 number – similarly a VOIP number? or quality of VOIP number
    When we receive a call given the target market it can be expected that it will be a long call so need to keep per min rate low.

    Any suggestions or solutions gratefully received, I’ve been stuck on this for a few days and my cards need to be printed!


    Divert To Mobile
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    Hi Clarissa,

    Divert to mobile is the perfect solution for you.
    You get a landline number and can divert to 2 people simultaneously (up to 5)
    You can set up a menu like press 1 for Clarissa press 2 for steve.
    You can log in and change the divert to number whenever you need to.
    It doesnt use voip so you dont need interent, you just need to be able to recieve calls to your mobile. The per min rate is low.

    Or if you really want a 1300 we can do the above with a 1300 too.

    If you would like to have a chat Im happy to explain and demonstrate.

    Kind regards,

    02 9191 7300

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    Hi Clarissa, and welcome to Flying Solo,

    Steve from Divert to Mobile is a longstanding and much trusted member here, so it would be well worth your while to give him a call about your options, in my opinion.

    There are some other folk around here who are run telecom businesses too, so they may have some alternative advice for you.

    Best of luck with it, and thanks for joining the forum,

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    If you are going to splash your number across many permanent areas, choose a number you are able to keep and is marketable. Cryptic VOIP and localised landline numbers can’t move with you if you change providers or move offices – and no one likes having to re-print everything again after such changes.

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    Thank you for bringing up this topic! I have been I a similar situation for days.

    I found this amazing grasshopper app in the states where you can turn your mobile into a business phone, add multiple numbers, her a 1300 number, use this number to make calls, divert, set up automatic answering options and then set up each “employee” with quick access extensions ! But I can’t find anything here in Australia!

    I am the same, we have national contacts. I don’t have a land line. Like to take calls on my mobile. But I don’t want to look unprofessional with a mobile number! I am start up and can’t afford the costs associated with 1300 numbers for people calling my mobile!

    Is there anything like this app available in Australia? Or a way of getting multiple distinguishable calls in your mobile?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I’m also happy to help, give me a call to have a chat.

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    Hi David,

    Thank you! What options are you thinking however, I do believe it will be off value to others to see!

    I understand that a mobile can look I professional, so ultimately I want to use my mobile, give my personal number to regular contacts, and then have a separate number for national business calls but want it recognisable on my mobile. In saying this avoiding the costs for a 1300 number!

    Any suggestions much appreciated!

    I rang a 1300 number that is obviously attached to a mobile and they said they will call me back due to costs. I thought this looked pretty poor and don’t want to be counting dollars per call!

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    If budget isn’t an issue, I suggest everyone list a minimum of 2 numbers. A 1300 and a fixed line (voip, call tracking, local number, whatever you want to call it). Then, you can add your mobile to this for the personal touch as you said.

    If budget is an issue, then your best best is just a call tracking number (that’s what I call them). You can set it up as a contact on your mobile, so you always answer the phone correctly. However, you are always going to have to pay to divert to the mobile, which is the most expensive type of call. Generally, the more calls, the more business, the more money, the less these types of charges matter.

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    Thanks everyone for your help much appreciated

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    My take on this,
    The vast majority of the population now have a decent phone plan where they only pay 10 cents to call long distance. So they don’t have an issue calling long distance in Australia. Don’t bother with a 1300 number.
    We have workers in several locations.
    We have a hosted pabx VoIP system, each location has a sip cordless phone. Calls come in to one number, the caller hears our greeting and goes into the first queue. First my phone rings, 60 secs later all the other phones ring. If I go out the calls divert to my mobile. If the phone rings it’s a normal mobile call, ie it doesn’t use data. If the caller wants to talk to one of my colleagues I can transfer the call from the mobile.
    Call quality wise it’s pretty much perfect
    Cost is about $50 per month

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    Hello Clarissa,

    I can definitely help you out with all your needs as you outlined in your post.
    My team and I will custom program, for free, a solution designed to meet your needs.

    I have very good rates and I encourage you to shop them around.

    Please drop me a call, ask for Gizmo.

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    There are lots of different ways that you could handle it, either through a VOIP PBX (you can initially have the call directed to a VOIP phone and if it is not answered in X number of rings then it can divert to your mobile), a divert service or an answering service. The benefit of using a live answering service is that when you are not available to take the call you have a live receptionist answering the calls in your company name.

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