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    Lucy Kippist
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    Hi all,

    Not trying to downplay the significant impact COVID-19 has had on many in our community right now, but also very keen to hear what #isolation has changed in your life for the positive?

    Mine include: less rushing, more home cooked meals, more quiet family time, better use of the hours of the day given I am no longer commuting.

    Over to you ….

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    I’m going to look like a hippo when this is finished with all my boredom cooking.
    I started an online course but didn’t like it so at the moment I am learning Auslan.

    El Arish Tropical Exotics
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    My chromecast dongle! Trying to give equal time to Do Yoga With Me, Nike Training Club and Netflix.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Rowan@quaotic, post: 269610, member: 28171 wrote:
    I’m going to look like a hippo when this is finished with all my boredom cooking.

    After putting on weight already, I am walking a lot more now trying to lose it!

    I have updated every page on my website so that is something!

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    I’d already started on a program to clean my act up a bit last year. My ageing body started letting me know I couldn’t keep hammering it, so I had made a return to Vedic meditation and cutting out some crap food.

    The pandemic has given me the opportunity to go a step further via an old mate who has returned to Oz after many years in Europe teaching meditation and Araveydic medicine and cooking.

    I recently completed a 10 day cleanse, including fasting and learning some yoga to go with the meditation. Two days without food is a bit rough if you don’t have a reason to hide away!

    It was definitely worth the effort, left me with more energy and l lost weight and started some better food habits

    As a by product I have actually learned to cook some vegetarian dishes much to my partners surprise (first time in 30 years I’ve done the bulk of the cooking).

    Bit of a shameless plug, but I’m actually continuing a cooking course via my old mate Tim’s website, he has few good freebie recipes that only take 15 minutes to prepare and they won’t make you gain any weight and they taste good.


    Must admit I did miss chocolate.

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    Still working full time, in fact slightly more then before.

    Making great scones, the best Thai chicken curry pie, taken a majority share in the Cadbury factory.

    But on a serious note instead of heading out to do my hobby at the weekend, I have gotten some of my own garden sorted, and started fixing what has being a problem front step/walkway since I bought the place.

    Marisa Lawlor
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    Loving not driving and the convenience of crossing a hallway to start work. Being able to teach an early morning online class without having to drive to my studio to do it is ACE. Instead of getting up at 5.30 a.m, I get to sleep in till 6 am or even 6.30 and I get have my coffee hot right before and after the class. Extra sleep + coffee =
    Even when I am able to go back to the studio I will keep delivering the early morning classes online. With Winter coming neither myself or my participants will have to freeze getting to a class at sparrow fart. If it wasn’t for #isolation I would never have thought of this as an option.

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    Probably the best thing that has come out of lockdown is that my grandson has learnt how to wash his hands correctly.
    I’ve also found an old friend that I lost touch with over 50 years ago.
    We were in a Music group for several year he played drums and I played Clarinet. We went to the UK same times the Seekers but we were more into jazz
    Have also spent time helping cleaners. Many wanted to discount their prices but I have advised not too

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