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    Hi everyone

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter break!

    If you’d like to listen to something while munching on eggs, the next coaching couch podcast is online and available to all Flying Solo members for a limited time. Robert interviews Tony Park, details below.

    Grappling with the creative process

    While Tony Park is now a prolific author, it wasn’t always that way. For way too long he stared at a blank sheet of paper. How he got unstuck and took off will surprise you.

    Today, Tony is a successful author with 10 books published and an enviable lifestyle split between two continents. Like many of us, he had visualised his true calling for many years, but hadn’t foreseen the difficulty of actually getting some traction. In this podcast he explains how drastic measures were needed and importantly, how they worked.

    Listen now.

    Lucinda :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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