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    Hi guys

    Need some help / recommendations / solutions for our online business postage charges.

    We have just started this business for less than a year.
    We are selling mobile, cables, IT accessories. Item size is of course very small.
    Weight range between 0.5kg~5kg
    We have roughly >200 orders daily.

    We are currently using Australia Post eParcel to post most of the goods.|
    They increase postage prices recently & that makes us really mad about it because in the contract stated: If we were to hit 1000 qty within the 1 year contract. We would get a new revised decrease pricing for postage.
    We are renewing the contract & WE GOT HIGHER CHARGES!

    Please recommend me any courier company that will do better service than Australia Post.
    We post mostly to Domestic, maybe 50-100 internationally per month.
    We need Tracking Number, Insurance cover & fast posting time.

    Thanks guys.

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    I have used a multitude of courier companies over the years and will always say that Couriers Please were the best for service and cost – and we shipped Australia-wide from Hornsby. I can remember one occasion I was packaging a product, I only had the tape and label to put on, called Couriers Please and the person walked through the door before I had the label attached. Obviously he was just around the corner at the time, but that just showed how efficient the call centre was to get the message to their driver that fast. Mind you, they were bought out by DHL in 2008 and I haven’t used them since that time so hopefully they haven’t changed?

    If you want a global conglomerate, you can’t go past Toll. They’re huge and are buying up smaller companies all over the place; but they’re the biggest for a reason.

    I guess the best thing you can do is just call around and say you want a bulk deal and see what they come up with?

    Good luck. :)

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    e-SSENT has some good advice.

    Re couriers please they are good, but you need to make sure they service your location. Basically they will delivery pretty much ANYWHERE, but only do pickups from some locations (they outsource the last step of the freight when they don’t have a depot – a common practice). Toll is generally pretty good also, although probably a bit higher priced. There are different parts of Toll as well – for example Toll Ipec vs Toll Priority, they operate as different businesses and have different rates, so worth contacting both.

    You could also try Fastway, as their prices are pretty good. They are really good for Vic, NSW, most of QLD, although don’t even really do WA for example.

    Once you get to your volumes you are probably in a position where you can realistically take on the services of say 3 different freight companies + Aussie Post. If you make a bit of a science of it and work out who is best for which types of weights to which locations then you can pick and choose who to use as you see fit for each job. For example, one may be cheaper as long as it’s under 3kg, another may be the best for WA, other 3-5kg for QLD etc.

    If you need MORE options, you could try Startrack Express or even AAE (Australian Air Express). AAE you can generally get some very good rates on, but their delivery times can be a bit slack sometimes – they are a joint venture between Qantas and Australia Post which explains a few things. TNT is the other big one in the market, I generally find them to be the most reliable bar none if you just NEED to get it there, but their prices are often too high to use as your main freight provider.

    Hope this helps.


    peter k
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    We have a promotional products company and also a wedding shoes business.
    We use a few companies to deliver our goods.

    The cheapest and safest way is via Australia Express Post.
    You get a driver deliver to the address and if its a prive home and no one is there the parcel is taken to the nearest Australia Post.

    I find Fastway a bit slow and unreliable.
    Couriers please are ok.
    TNT and Toll are very good but a bit expensive.
    They also charge extra if the delivery is to a home address.

    Hope this helps.
    Look like you have a good business

    Bridal Shoes
    Promotional Usbs

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