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    Hey everyone.
    My name is Prathamesh. I work as a developer at a company called CheckVault. Doing stuff on computers is something I’ve always been associated with and after studying about it in Uni and countless self projects at home, I can safely say that it’s something I like to do.

    Another I like doing is building something new. I think back to my school days where once we bought a box of Lego and I finished building the model from the book. I used to break it down and start building something totally different using the same pieces. So you can say I like to be creative. But I also like to try and make things work.

    I joined this company I’m working for now straight after finishing my studies. Apart from being a role in building and designing a web application, the goal of CheckVault was also something that I thought was work working for. CheckVault wishes to ensure that anyone who does a professional service gets paid on time for the work they do. It’s simple as that.

    I found a thread on this forum talking about late payments and having heard so many bad things about late paying clients and how it causes serious money problems for businesses, I thought I should talk about what I do where I work. I’ve had a family relative (Mom’s brother) lose his business because of a client who screwed him over because of money problems.

    The building of the application is pretty much done. There’s little maintenance stuff that I keep doing time to time. So now the most of my time I spend on the internet looking for people who’ll benefit from what we’ve built.

    So that’s me.

    Thanks to Jason (SimplyReplica) who directed me to this ‘Introduce yourself’ topic. Looking forward to interacting and helping as many people as possible. :)



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    Hi Prathamesh,

    It’s nice to meet you – thanks for introducing yourself to us all.

    I hope you enjoy being part of the community here.

    Welcome aboard :)

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