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    Hi all,
    I’m so glad i stumbled onto this page, any advice and or direction will be greatly appreciated.
    I live in Perth (Ellenbrook) and want to start and operate a residential hard surface cleaning and sealing business offering a stand out service. I will be purchasing commercial grade equipment i.e 3600psi 18lt/m petrol unit, hot box(hot water) unit, rotary surface cleaner. Hopefully this will set me apart from the average service available. I dont want to rely on youtube for training, although helpful it is sometimes unreliable and i want to provide a professional service.
    What i need help with please:( I have been doing countless hours of research resulting in conflicting reports)
    1. Regulations/ licensing regarding water run off into stormwater- driveway cleaning
    2. Training that i could do -Pressure washing different surface types
    3. What sealers to use and how(initial thoughts- OzCoat PROseal 896, can be used on all surfaces, easy application, same day application, water based)
    4. What services should i offer( initial thoughts-concrete, brick paving, limestone/ driveways, patios, pool areas)
    5. Best ways to get business
    6. How to price a job
    Business name/slogan still up in the air at the moment
    Thanks in advance

    Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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    Welcome aboard Luke!

    There are people already doing something similar to what you have planned. I would find them and get all your answers in one swoop. Maybe in 1 day (versus 6 months trying to find info yourself).

    Possibly someone outside your area (non-competitive). Buy them lunch, or work for them for free for a week, or offer to pay them for on-the-job training or to look over their shoulder at a few jobs and get all your Qs answered. Maybe even partner with them.

    Beats endless more weeks of internet research! Good luck. :)


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    I think the best ways to get business is thru leaflet drop around your immediate area- remembering that people do not visit their letter box daily like they used to. The conversion rate for this is rather low.
    I think a better way is to knock on people doors and introduce yourself, especially if you notice that they are in definite need of your services- i.e. target houses in your area that have particularly dirty driveways. ( that is if you decide this is going to be one of your services)

    Gumtree offers a great avenue to target locally. They do have a service provider page and their ads are easy to set up. I would suggest you get some before and after photos so people can see the instant results.
    Definitely offer a good deal when you are starting out and offer an incentive for referrals.

    Instead of investing in a website initially open a Facebook page- cheap and easy. When you have done a job ask the customer for a before and after photo of the job and post these picture on Facebook. ( only if you have full consent from the paying customer) Instantly people can see how effective your service is and how they would benefit for it.

    Your local community paper, if they have a service page.

    These are some low cost -but can be quite effective- ways of marketing your business initially.

    There are many marketing experts who will give you lots of fantastic advice that may suggest similar ideas or lots of other exciting avenues. You will not be short of ideas, the key to success is executing these ideas and then test and measure the results.

    Good luck.

    With the name of the business I would come up with something that relates to your services.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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