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    LucasArthur, post: 269180, member: 34537 wrote:
    Yes, would love to see a Chinese insurance company cut a cheque with a claim from an Aussie for faulty Chinese product…

    Exactly, but even an Australian insurance company covering the product supplier, wont be writing a cheque to cover any liability or legal action taken against the retailer.

    I just reread the original post and OP has being operating for 2 years without liability insurance, wow a disaster waiting to happen.

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    I am late to this discussion but can help
    Yes basically an Aust insurer will treat the product as manufactured by you
    There is almost Zero chance of suing the Chinese manuf for a product fault unless they are also registered locally (and probably aren’t)
    That is no big deal – lots of people manufacture prodcuts in Australia (although fewer than we would like I guess)
    The key is – what are the products?
    Clothes, tech items, kitchen prodcuts – no big deal
    Health and wellness, medical, kids/infants – may be a problem
    Nothing is impossible but prices vary accordingly
    If you havent yet sorted it out or you want a comparison quote get in touch – quotes are free :)
    Hope that helps

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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