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    Whenever you’re presenting, you’re going to make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes you make on the platform result from commonly held myths. At other times, mistakes might stem from ignorance or inexperience. Whatever the case, here are some of the most common mistakes speakers make.

    1. Lack of preparation

    If you’re unprepared as a speaker, it shows. You must take the time to know your topic and to rehearse your presentation until you’re comfortable with it. Practice your speech out loud, time it, and be prepared for questions afterward.

    2. Speaking too long

    Starting and ending your presentation late shows a lack of respect for the audience. People have busy schedules. Allow time to get to the presentation early, and know how to cut and summarize the presentation if you sense you’re running out of time.

    3. Not knowing the audience

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a presenter is not meeting the need of your audience. If you’re giving the same speech to different groups, tailor it for each audience.

    4. Projecting the wrong image

    This is an instant credibility killer, and it’s related to mistake. A flashy outfit will not work if you’re speaking to bankers. A slick, “big city” style doesn’t do it for farmers. Study the audience ahead of time and dress and present appropriately.

    You can find the rest of the mistakes here – Public Speaking Mistakes

    Trevor Ambrose
    Public Speaking Coach

    Melinda B
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    Hi Trevor, nice to ‘meet’ you.

    Since this is an introduction thread, how about telling us about you and your business?

    Promotion of your business is good, however when your first three posts are all promo’s and there’s nothing about you it’s considered less than the ideal introduction to forums. Copying part of a blog post from your site as you’ve done here isn’t a particularly good intro either.

    We’d like to meet the person behind the promo. :-)

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    Hi Trevor,

    As Melinda says, you are very welcome here, but we’d love to learn a bit more about you and your business.

    We’re a friendly crew, and we’re always interested in getting to know people and what makes them tick.

    Thanks for joining us – I hope you’ll enjoy being part of the Flying Solo gang.

    Best wishes,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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