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    Hopefully this is not a really easy question to answer as I’ve been googling various combinations of words for the last several hours without success.

    I’m wanting to understand if there are any providers of shipping in Australia who can receive a consolidated package from overseas (New Zealand in my case), unconsolidate it and then forward it to end customers in Australia through Australia Post or some other means?

    I have been experimenting with selling products to Australian customers from New Zealand but since Covid the cheapest tracked service I can provide is taking up to 10 – 25 business days instead of the usual 3 – 6.

    Today I used FedEx for the first time which was expensive but will be delivered in 5 days.

    This got me thinking that if I could consolidate my many small parcels to Australia in one FedEx package and then get it in to Australia Post’s system (or some other shipping providers system) that I could get goods in to Australia in 7 days for a price that would be quite reasonable by getting past the bottlenecks.

    So essentially I want a 3PL provider that just forwards parcels I’ve picked and packed myself to customers in Australia.

    Now feel free to tell me I’m dumb for not knowing this is or isn’t possible as I simply don’t know what to search for.

    What I do know is customers in Australia don’t want to pay $50 to get a small package sent by FedEx from NZ, and they don’t want cheap shipping if they have to wait up to a month.

    Does anyone have experience with this?

    I want to slowly try expanding in to different Australian markets (only doing Brisbane at the moment as an experiment) but if I can’t get the shipping working reasonably then it would seem to be a pointless exercise.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Hopefully some helpful members will be along soon with some advice to point you in the right direction.

    Perhaps @Lucas Arthur can help?


    Jason Ramage
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    Howdy Poster

    To be honest, you have already answered your own question IMO..

    You really need a 3PL or similar operator that is flexible and willing to work within your guidelines, UNLESS, you require someone to take responsibility for the goods such as for duties etc.. This is different..

    The issue you may face is that the 3PL does not know what is in the goods/packaging.. This can be fraught with danger when the shipper (the 3PL) is signing declarations that the goods are not dangerous, this can prove difficult if they are working conscientiously.

    Have you spoken to a 3PL or a tailor/boutique operation yet?

    Curious, what are the items (type) – weights – dimensions and do you have a target price for freight etc.. Also, curious, can your products margin entertain the labour costs associated with asking someone else to forward these items for you?

    Just thoughts etc…


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    Hi Tassy2,

    Good comments from Jason about the 3PL side.
    As Jason says, the 3PL would have to be the importer of Record, and the responsibilities are not attractive to them.

    From the transport view;

    You can get FedEx rates from AUD43 for 1 kg ($40 for 500g).

    Maybe try offering a postal delivery and an alternative express service?

    Are you collecting AU GST when you make the sale?
    If you ship in bulk and the total value of the product is over AUD1000, then GST is incurred, plus an entry fee of $88. If the goods are made in NZ, then they should be duty free.

    There are complexities with your idea. Unless you are doing major volumes, I cannot see it being economical.

    All the budget transport services, such as used by Postal services, are delayed because of the scarcity of air freight capacity. Demand is greater than supply, so only the express freight gets through on time.

    So, without knowing everything about your products, volumes, etc, I suggest offering postal service and express service

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