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    A new copywriting client of mine has been approached to appear on The Today Show on Channel 9.

    Go to http://www.flickwillfixit.com.au. Flick (the lady who runs the site) basically runs a matchmaking service for businesses to grant wishes to people who post their wishes on her site. It’s not specifically for terminally ill people, just regular people who would like something special. More info on the site.

    She will be on the Today Show in the next week or so and wants a wish granted that will then be filmed for Today.

    Whatever your business is, you don’t have to specifically offer those services, but just pay for the wish to be granted. Here are some that are waiting to be granted:

    • a honeymoon for a couple getting married
    • a set of teeth for a lady
    • a car for a young girl
    • a computer for a uni student

    Flick doesn’t receive any money for arranging the wishes to be granted. It’s a very clever business idea that will grow over time and I haven’t seen anything else like it to date.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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