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    Hi all, I’ve got a new client I’ve taken over since Jan 2013 and the former person using the software didn’t know how to use the software, only the very basics. There’s a whole list of customers who supposedly owe money (which would have been paid by cash, or double entered with a Sales Receipt upon money being received), there are also credits against customers which haven’t been applied, all ranging in date from 1/1/11 to 2/7/12. I’ve been talking to the Accountant and they did General Journal entries at 30/6/11, but they put the Journal Entry debiting the Sales account (splitting the GST) and Credited the Accounts Receivable account, which is all good in the Balance Sheet, but does not change them still sitting in the Ageing Report/Customers Who Owe Money. Client is Cash Basis on BAS returns, but Accrual Basis for Financial Year. Please help, desperate to sort this out, messy!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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