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    Admins delete please if against rules.

    Today is the official R U Ok Day, although everyday should be an R U ok day.

    The meaning of the day is to just check with people you know (or maybe a total stranger), if they are OK.

    Making it appropriate to FS, a lot of small business people work on their own, so don’t have regular interaction with others, maybe check on one of your fellow small business people. Or what about your clients ?


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    I’m OK. R U OK? You know, when I ask people, I’m actually interested! It’s become rhetorical.

    Jason Ramage
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    Thanks for the reminder, its a great comment and awesome input.. So true, be kind to your fellow humanites and ask ‘R U OK?’ and pause, no interjection, just pause and await a reply (dont be uncomfortable though.. LOL) because it is amazing how many people would love just to be heard, be to listened to and to chat!

    Great reminder Ernie!

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    Everyday should be a day of this.

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    Hey by choice,

    its actually sad that we need to have a special day to remind people to ask the question.

    And the sadder thing that I saw today was when someone posted this elsewhere, people were making a joke of it. Until they were reminded about what the reason for the day was.

    Anyone reading this post please go to RUOK.org.au and realize that there are people in our community , just needing people to ask r u ok. They could be you spouse, your children, any of your family, colleague’s, strangers, and some times it just takes one person to take interest. And don’t assume that it is a person who is withdrawn, or appears to be down. It is a well hidden issue.

    Don’t let it become rhetorical, ask it and wait for the answer.

    Kelly Exeter FS Editor
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    Thanks for starting this conversation Bert. People are so conflicted about having a day for this when it should be ‘every day’. But the important thing is … it starts conversations. And these conversations allow people like Sharon to feel brave enough to write powerful pieces like this one we published on Flying Solo today.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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