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    Trying to move away from shopify as they are double charging us for using third party payment gateway because they blocked us of using their payment system, after notifying us that our payment processing service had been immediately disabled due to violating their TOS for selling “ Pseudo Pharmaceuticals ”.
    Apparently Protein Powder Supplements falls under Pseudo Pharmaceuticals.

    I am also looking for a solution to do online website and POS system together (POS that has loyalty program) , I looked in to lightspeed as they have a POS and Ecommerce as well, but I read their Ecommerce is not that great. I came across Reckon POS system, they have also Reckon ecommerce, I googled it but there are no reviews on Reckon Ecommerce, i assume its a new platform.
    Any thoughts on Reckon Ecommerce?

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    Unless your products are approved by Australian (or other country, depending on your market) regulators and they don’t make health claims then you will find that many payment gateways, and ecommerce providers will eventually have a problem with your business. Payment gateways such as Stripe and Paypal are strict with this, and banks have been known to stop providing service to such businesses. You need to read and understand the terms of service before you sign up to any provider.

    You can complain and fight all you like but you can’t expect other companies to take risks on your business. If your products do have all the relevant approvals then I would assume that just uploading them to any provider with your insurance covering such items should get you out of trouble.

    There have been so many problems with the ‘protein supplement’ industry that you can’t blame providers with being suspicious and not wanting anything to do with them.

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    I don’t think you are totally aware on how shopify operates, our products comply with regulations in australia, we buy them from Australian suppliers, what we sell at our brick and mortar is what is on our online system, we researched the issue really well and we found that many cases having similar issue with shopify , it is very common, some are selling organic materials and complying as well.
    I use currently PayPal express but shopify add its percentage on top of it as a third party gateway payment system, I could go with bigcommerce and they wouldn’t add such extra rate for a third party gateway payment system.

    My question was about feedback on lightspeed and reckon or any other alternatives.

    John Debrincat
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    As best as I can work out their ecommerce platform is from https://selz.com/ and you might end up in the same situation. See their T&C https://help.selz.com/article/66-prohibited-businesses-and-activities.

    They also charge additional fees unless you use Selzpay.

    And Selzpay is actually Stripe – https://www.cardpaymentoptions.com/credit-card-processors/selz/.

    So good luck with that.


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