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    I would like to highly recommend an electrician ! Which Im sure we all need at some point in time.

    Thomas from Electra Wise is fantastic and we have used his services on a number of occasions.

    We originally went to him needing some cabling done in a new office space we moved into with one of our stores. He really helped us out in pointing out all the things we had missed – like there was no smoke alarms, exit signs, emergency lighting etc. Since then he has done work at our other shop, and at home.

    He doesn’t charge the earth and is always keen to do the difficult jobs that so many other tradies just cant be bothered with.

    My partners parents have a house that is going to be an absolute nightmare to put in a theatre room thats cabled and hooked up to a server etc. Half the electricians we phoned didn’t even show up to do a quote, and the ones that showed up said it couldnt be done ! Tom had options for using his abseiling gear tied to his car, and going over the roof etc. All of which just required that bit of extra effort. Which they were more than happy to pay for – its just so hard to find someone happy to make that effort!

    He goes as far down as Brissy… and as far North as Fraser Island.

    *disclaimer: yes I have done his website, but this was in return for electrical services so we are still a customer and not just spamming!

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    I like the website and sent an inviatation to advertise on our new website next year!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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