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    Hi all,

    I’m keen to get some feedback on what sort of phone setup can improve my business efficiency.

    Currently we are a team of 3, operating an automotive dismantling yard selling parts.

    Current setup:
    1 Landline with 2 Handsets. NBN Optus Phone Setup.

    I answer all incoming calls on a wired headset. Overflow calls firstafirst ring outa on the landline before diverting to a mobile # that one of my staff can answer. If it rings out, we miss the call and return the call after we have some free time.

    Ideal Setup.
    2 Landlines. Ability to redirect calls between handsets. (I currently mute and call out to #2 person to pickup the call).
    Hands-free option (current setup is effectively Uniden home phone with range extenders and corded headset).
    Ability to put people on hold.
    Future scope for metric tracking.

    Keen to get anyone’s feedback on whatb mayb best suit my business? The short falls at the moment is that there is always a time loss redirecting the call, and a higher likelihood I miss the second call as it only diverts if it rings out).

    Thanks for looking.

    Anthony Michaud
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    Hi Kevin,

    Sounds like you want to look at a VOIP option – hosted VOIP will give you a full PBX solution, with (depending on the provider) fixed costs per month. You can port your number to this, and have an “inbound” line for each of the handsets, as well as IVR menu systems. The requirements are typically a stable internet connection, and a reasonable amount of free bandwidth to ensure quality calls. Some hosted PBX systems can fail-over to mobile phones in the event your office loses internet connection, and some will also allow a soft phone on a PC or mobile.

    If you’d like, I can assist with this. The phones are typically Yealink desktop phones https://www.yealink.com/product/voice-communication-t46s or there are options for cordless DECT https://www.yealink.com/products_191.html Shoot me a direct message if you’d to talk further.

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    As mentioned above a VoIP solution is what you need.

    Typically VoIP is very affordable and very reliable.

    You can have a mix of fixed phones, cordless phones and mobile apps.

    The end result ultimately is that you will never miss a call again!

    I can assist you with a Cloud solution, it’s a simple setup, all managed remotely.

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    Hi Kevin
    In this covid environment the cloud solution is essential.

    For you or anyone else looking for a similar answer, whatever solution you end up going with, you need to have the options of handsets, mobile app or desktop app as standard preferably with the Teams Voice integration option if required.

    You also need to be able to pull calls between the handset, mobile apps and desktop as required.

    For Business communications, anywhere, anytime, any location – No Problem!

    And yes, I can also provide this type of solution.

    Mark Casey
    Director – Pegasus Technology Pty Ltd

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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