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    Hi all ! its been a while since i posted anything, I’ve been running my own business & working for myself for many years now and i always manage to get by somehow although recently I’ve decided to change my tactics a little because i feel like i’m always stressed out, busy & tied down to the workshop.

    One thing i have noticed lately is all my work is onsite which is great because i can arrange and book times that i want, mostly i do welding and fabricating but all my good returning customers know my other skills and i end up doing the work of a handyman for them which is relaxing because i get to mix my day up a little.

    So i’m considering ditching my workshop which i feel a little tied down too and just finding a small storage location for tools and equipment that i’m not using on the day & purely just look for a more diverse range of work onsite.

    my current company name is VicFab Pty Ltd ( Victorian Fabrication Services ) which does not reflect a commercial handyman vibe at all so i’m looking to rename my business and carry over my old customers.

    I’m itching to get business cards, websites, shirts and advertising happening but i am lost for a good name at the moment so help would be appreciated !

    I wrote a list of the things i’m good at and happy to do, I figured it might help with thinking direction.


    – Landscaping

    – Lawn Mowing
    – Edgeing
    – Genral Garden Maintence
    – Sprinkler systems
    – Windbreaks
    – Gates Repaired, welded, fitted or replaced.
    – Fence Repair & installation.
    – Tree Removal
    – Gutter Cleaning
    – Rubbish removal & site cleanup
    – You need it done, We can do it.

    – Home & Renovation

    – Painting
    – Plastering
    – Rendering
    – Basic Plumbing
    – Power Points, Lights, Switches.
    – Paving & Concreting
    – Building Extensions
    – BBQ & Entertainment Areas
    – Sunshade Installations

    – Commercial & Industrial Services

    – Digging & trenching
    – Pipe laying
    – Phone cable laying
    – Welding ~ Mig, Tig, Stick, Oxy.
    – Line Painting
    – Worksafe assistance
    – Transport upto 6 ton.
    – Bin hire skip services
    – Sunshade Installations
    – Fencing

    – More Commercial

    – Security system installation
    – Security Cameras

    This is all stuff i end up doing regularly anyway so i figure why not offer them as services or am i biting off more then i can chew ?

    thanks in advance for you advice and replys !

    Sign Here Graphix
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    G’day Tedious,

    I know how you feel about being tied to a workshop.

    I recently took the Showroom hours off my door for the same reason and replaced them with this


    You would be surprised at how many calls I get from this.

    Your workshop is a bit like insurance…you can bet pounds to peanuts that as soon as you let it go, work that needs you to have the space will come in.

    Like you, I am capable of doing a whole bunch of things which is why Sign Here Graphix has developed into what it is now, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

    You say that your are doing this varied work for only some of your clients…I suppose the question is…Would you lose any of your welding only clients if they were to percieve that you are not a welder 100% of the time?

    It is an interesting conundrum you face and I am tipping that there is no one correct answer, only more questions.

    Do you enjoy the maintenance work more than strictly welding?

    Is focussing on one or the other going to help you build the business?

    Is focussing on the maintenance actually costing you welding work?

    So on and so on.

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    Hi Tedious,

    It’s great to see you back in the forum. We’ve missed you! :)

    I hope you get some great advice here to help you with your current dilemma.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

    And by the Sign Here Graphix – that’s a great sign!

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    Hi Drew,

    Great to hear everything is moving along nicely.

    Rebranding sounds like an exciting step.

    You have probably unknowingly come up with a pretty good contender for a name yourself. Victoria Industrial Handyman Services clearly encompasses what you offer, so it might make a good name – and by keeping Victoria in the name you don’t move too far from your existing image.

    Along the same lines (keeping Vic in the name) I came up with a slightly more quirky but still functional name. It plays on the versatility of your skillset:
    Vicversa – (Victoria Versatile) Industrial Handyman Services

    It has a nice ring to it because people use and recognise the term ‘vice-versa’.

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