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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Emily and I am 24 years old. I am opening a one-stop wedding shop in Hobart, Tasmania over the next few weeks and have a question about referrals and how to involve local wedding suppliers/services in my store.

    As it is One-Stop wedding shop which will be selling and hiring items for weddings, brides might be shopping in store for a flower girl basket or some reception decorations and might mention that they still need to organise to hire wedding cars, or a band or photographer etc. This is obviously the perfect opportunity for me to incorporate a referral program.

    I would love some suggestions on ways to incorporate referrals to these other local businesses from my store –
    I am thinking about having portfolios and ipads in store for brides to look through various photographers photos etc, and can do the same sort of thing with various wedding car hire businesses (have photos of their vehicles) – but I’m not sure where to go from there.
    1. Should I charge businesses to have their business cards/brochures/portfolios etc in my store? If so, how much?
    2. Should I allow business cards/brochures etc in my store for free but charge the supplier/service a referral fee if the bride books them after seeing their work in my store?
    – And if I choose to do it this way, is my only option to rely on the honesty of the supplier/service to let me know that the bride booked through them? What incentive would they have to be honest with me about this as it means they know they must pay a referral fee?
    – I am wondering if there is some way I could give the bride a business card with a special code or something on it that gets them 5% off or something (to ensure that the bride uses it) – this will let the business know that the bride is using their business because they saw it advertised in my store – but still, how do I ensure the business pays me a referral fee?
    – What is an appropriate referral fee?
    3. Are there any other things I could do to incorporate local businesses in my store?
    4. I already have an online wedding supplier/service directory on my website which businesses pay to advertise on (like easyweddings.com.au).

    I would really appreciate your advice and opinions,
    thankyou! Emily :)

    Tony Manto
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    Hi Emily, it looks like you have already covered most options, unfortunately there is no one answer. If you have an online referral option, you can easily attach an affiliate fee to each referral. How much? I guess that comes down to how much a client is worth to each affiliate. It could be 10% or a flat fee. If they are in store, that one is a bit harder to trace if they book or not. You idea about quoting a special code could work. Or once again you could charge a flat fee for being in your store however they will want to see return on their payment? Its going to be a matter of forming relationships with people you trust. Keep close to each customer that comes in and follow up to see if they ended up using any particular affiliate. Some will work and some wont….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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