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    Hi all,

    Thanks to those who have already put forward their website for free advertising advice from the University of Western Sydney.

    If you’ve been thinking your Consumer website could use some free advertising strategy advice, no strings attached, drop me an email at j.krahmalov@uws.edu.au.

    I’m looking for online businesses that:

    – Have been in business online for at least 1 year

    – Ideally be based in Sydney (so students can visit, phone, etc), but will consider other locations

    – Be struggling in some sense – the typical “billboard in the desert” – great site/great product, but few visitors

    – Be prepared to discuss the business with the students – who they are targeting, what you have tried, ideas, where you might want to take the business

    – Fill in a short survey at the end of the exercise on the value of the students’ work

    In return, the students will:

    – Research the market, trends, the competitors, analyse the current positioning of the site etc, and provide recommendations through a written report, along with a creative strategy, and media suggestions. No creative will be provided to the business, and students will work with a fictitious media budget of $5K-$10K.

    This service is free and you are not required to provide the budget or implement any of the students’ suggestions. The first semester that we are running this program is from 24 Feb – 18 May 09.

    Danny Boy
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    Sounds very interesting is brisbane too far away?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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